Do you prefer signature or all leather?

  1. Hello Coach fans! I am curious how you all feel....I don't know if this question has been posted before, sorry if it has. I personally prefer the all leather bags only because you don't see one on every corner. I feel like everyone has the signature bags but it's harder to spot the all leather ones so I feel as though they're more exclusive for some reason. Does anyone else feel this way? BTW: Love the new all leather ERGO bags coming out in April!!! :yahoo:
  2. I like the all leather. From what I have observed, the signature is more popular with people younger than me! ;) My teenage daughter and her friends like signature. I'm going back to college, and most of the people here like Signature. For some people, they want others to know they have Coach, so they go Signature. For me, I don't care if others know I'm carrying Coach, I just want a cute handbag that is functional for me. I like nice things, but I'm not as caught up in labels and names as my 16 year old daughter. ;)
  3. I feel the same way! Signature anything has never really done it for me ... but gotta love the leather in pretty colors :drool:
  4. I forgot to add that I do like some Optic Signature, but I prefer it in accessories, not my purse.
  5. I really prefer leather over the signature. I have a couple of signature pieces, but for some reason those seem more casual to me and I generally pull them out when I am just bumming around town in jeans and a t-shirt. In my opinion, the signature stuff is way over priced considering that it is essentially free advertisement for the company. They should pay us to carry it! Well, thats my 2 cents.
  6. I tend to like leather or really understated signature.
  7. I definitely prefer the leather pieces better. It seems more stylish and functional to me and I love it in colored leather. I have a few pieces of signature and I think it can look good when paired with leather trim or if it's something like the mini c's where it looks like background material.
  8. Another vote for leather! I do like some of the signature bags but I prefer leather for everyday wear.
  9. I prefer the signature. I like a little bling. I own a lot of the signature bags but in black & the "C" don't stand out that much.
  10. I only have their signature bags... But if I were to buy another one today it would be a leather piece. Seeing the signature pattern everywhere is really starting to get to me.
  11. Leather, leather, leather!
    I don't really like logo anything, so that means no LV or gucci or fendi logos either.
    Just not a fan of it... besides, if you are going to spend that kind of money, it should be something more durable than canvas, imo.
  12. I'm really open for anything. My pieces are all signature, but I love love love some of the leather styles so we'll see what happens in the future!
  13. When I was younger, I used to really go after the signature... Now I am starting to really appreciate leather, and its ability to last ages longer than any canvas bag would...

    I don't really see myself buying anything else in a signature, at this point anyhow... I do however love the optic signaure print, and would make an exception for some accesories in that!! :yes:
  14. i lean on leather more coz its more durable asnd lasts longer plus it smell good :yes:
  15. i really like the signature its so cute and colors are fabulous