Do you prefer rh bag or g12 in city?

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  1. Btw tassels and g12, which would be your first pick? And why? :graucho:
  2. G12 (if you can get your hands on G21, even better!!) because it gives the bag a 'brighter' look, it can go with casual or formal wear, and there are way too many fake RH bags out there! Plus I've read and heard about the tassels coming apart :sad:
  3. yes tassels sometimes split apart but I like this style with tassels. I vote for tassels in this case
  4. I both like giant hw and tassels. If I have the choice between the two, I would buy the bag with the best leather.
    I usually get an extra pair if tassels when I buy the bag, in case they split.
  5. I love the tassels, so I prefer rh. BUT I think the color of the bag is a HUGE factor. Some colors look better with rh, while others look better with gold, silver or rosegold hw. Have you decided on the bag color?
  6. ^^ totally agree with *CupcakeGirl* .. it depends on the color! For instance, I personally think Yellow bags (Mimosa, Bouton d'Or, etc.) look great with the regular hardware .. whereas darker-colored bags (with the exception of Black of course), look great with the contrast of the Gold or Silver HW. While I love the G21 HW on the larger bags, I actually prefer the G12 HW on the City bags.
  7. yes it's true. it depends on the color too.
  8. The RH is my favorite, I have 5 bags with that and only one with the Giant 12 Gold, but I do like that one too! I actually added tassels to that bag, it is Bleu Mineral, I love the look.
  9. I vote RH. I love tassels and love how light weight the RH bags are.
  10. I agree with it depends on the color! But I do like both. Some colors look better with RH and some look better with giant hardware.

    I have one black city with rosé gold g12. But now I want a brighter colored city with RH!
  11. Tassels for sure omg! It's so chic and simple, yet a dash of bohemian in there which I love. But I do have to agree with cupcakegirl on the whole color thing.
  12. For me, the size determines the hardware choice for me (and then color). For large bags (Part-Time, Work, Day, etc...) I would choose giant hardware. The reason being the larger the bag, the more likely I am to bump into things inadvertently. I would be terrified of catching a tassel and tearing it.

    For the Town, City and bags of that style/size I would grab regular hardware since the size is easier to manage with the delicate tassels.
  13. I like both. I wish I have both.
  14. I agree that it really has to depends on the color of the leather! But if i were to get my first city, I'll go for giant hardware as it gives the bag a more outstanding look! my first city bag is in G21 gold hardware!
  15. rh is lighter and overall I like the look the best.