Do you prefer quilted Chanel bags or just caviar leather

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  1. Im thinking of one thats not quilted but my backpack is not quilted and I thought maybe I should consider a different material I love the quilted styles but they tend to be more expensive
  2. I like both.

    However, the lambskin is too delicate for everyday uses. Therefore, I only bought 1 black in M/L with ghw.
  3. The current Cerf tote is not quilted and I think it's quite nice. I like both quilted and non-quilted Chanel bags. I'd save up and go for a quilted one since you already have a flat caviar one. It would be nice if you could find a quilted caviar one :biggrin: Maybe a flap :smile:
    Good luck and have fun searching for your next Chanel !
  4. I love both. The quilting is more classic, while plain leather is more subtle. I have a good mix of both in my collection. :smile:
  5. Quilted all the way baby!!
  6. I love quilted!
  7. I like both but my mother buys almost only unquilted bags and I still think they are classic Chanel.
  8. love both
  9. I like both :love:
  10. Quilted, its unmistakenly Chanel. That's the original design that draws all of us to Chanel, even other designers are copying it!
  11. quilted for sure ^^
  12. i prefer quilted. it's one of the things i love most about chanel bags- that infamous quilting!
  13. I like quilted, especially how it ages.
  14. ^Quilting ages?? :thinking:
  15. I don't believe gold HW ages. It's what you wear, your entire ensemble and your attitude. That said, I love quilted mostly but caviar has its uses too.