Do you prefer Passy PM or GM?

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  1. I thought I would ask this since Likefeather had a poll on the Epi Bags & Passy seemed to be the clear favorite. Which style do you prefer PM or GM?
  2. PM! I tried it in the store and fell in love. This is next on my want list.
  3. i got the GM first.. fit everything.. my books, my laptop... stuff... but i exchanged it for the PM.. the PM is a lot cuter on me.... i got the red GM and exchanged for the black PM now :biggrin:
  4. I prefer the GM than the PM. The handles are much longer and I could easily put it over my shoulder.
  5. OMG me too!

    (purseglsf - I think that's 2 now...Butter Pecan icecream and this??:biggrin: )
  6. GM for this same reason :biggrin:
  7. GM. Leaves me handsfree!
  8. GM...epi can get quite heavy, so having the longer rolled handles for the shoulder are nice.
  9. GM I always opt for a big bag
  10. GM as well, I just like how it looks better in terms of proportions.
  11. Another for the GM :yes:
  12. agree!!! :yes:
  13. Wow - thanks to everyone who responded! That is a good point Pursegalsf, I do prefer a shoulder bag so I think this might be my next acquisition!
  14. PM is cute but GM is probably more functional. Either way, GORGEOUS bag. What color are you planning on getting?
  15. Mello Yello Jen, I think I have to go with Noir. It is more versatile for my wardrobe. I have a lot of black suits for work so I think that would be most practical. Although, I have to say seeing all the mandarin epi bags is making me crave one! BAD! hahaha :smile: