do you prefer only matching LV accessories.. Do they all have to be from the ...

what do you prefer out of your SLG when you carry your LV bag?

  • i only prefer LV accessories but can be from various lines mixing in my purse

  • i only prefer matching LV accessories that coordinate in color and line

  • my bag and SLG must coordinate together

  • i like my accessories from different LV lines but they must coordinate

  • i prefer non LV SLG in my LV bag

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Aug 13, 2011
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do you prefer only LV accessories in your LV bag?

Do they all have to be from the same line? I.e. only pomme d'amour accessories and then you switch to all of your i.e. damier accessories?

Do you need your hand bag matching your accessories? I.e. all mono.

Do you think its unwise or you'll get tired of different colored items from the same line and wish you coordinated them all together? i.e. buying an amarante agenda and a rouge favuiste wallet etc.?

Do you rather all non LV accessories? Which ones?

Looking through the whats in my purse thread got me thinking about these questions... I'm wondering that since I have an indigo agenda, cles (but wanted to sell that for a bigger cles), and now the bleu infini alma, if i'm going to regret down the road getting a different color cles and a different colored wallet?

what are your thoughts?


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Apr 16, 2009
I'm strictly mono... That's all my purses, slgs etc. But I'm in the minority here on TPF, most aren't as matchy matchy as I am. GL deciding!
Feb 29, 2008
Arizona, USA
I only have mono bags and one azur. I have a mono cosmetic bag and a mono wallet. I mix my accessories and brands because I like to change bags a lot. With a purse organizer that's quick and easy, but it's more of a pain to change accessories. Even though I have accessories to match almost all of my brands, I hate changing them! I often use my mono wallet with whatever bag brand I'm carrying. Sometimes I prefer to use non-name brand leather accessories that can just go with whatever brand I carry. I'm all over the place with this, I know! Lol


Mar 31, 2010
I don't like to be matchy but I like colors to coordinate well! In my azur bags I like my light gray Chanel wallet, and blanc corail vernis cles.. (well, the cles never changes so thank goodness it matches everything lol!) In my ebene bag I'll use my dark taupe Loro Piana clutch instead, and an azur pouch for accessories in any bag... I am not someone who can switch a ton so a couple of wallets that could go with any bag and I'm good! :smile: I do need a little Chanel inside my LV's though lol!
Dec 5, 2006
I like my vernis zippy in pomme with any damier ebene that has a red interior. I have a mono zippy organizer that I like to use with the Manhattan GM cause they both have the big brass zipper pull. Now that I think of it I haven't used those recently!! I have the LV Hands NF and the matching coin purse, so I guess I'm a matchy kind :smile: