Do you prefer one all-in-one wallet or separate organizers?


How do you prefer to organize?

  1. One all-in-one wallet

  2. A few small organizers

  3. Other

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  1. I have an all in one suede wallet, and over time I am getting sick of it. It's big and bulky. I rarely write checks anymore, so I don't need a long wallet. I don't have a lot of cards, so I don't want something with lots of slot for cards. I think it will free up a lot of room in my purse if I just get a coin pouch and a card holder. I could also get a leather checkbook cover, and only put it in my purse when I will actually need the checkbook with me.
  2. I don't like bulky wallets either, but I have gift cards I carry in case I'm somewhere where I can use them. I have a smaller wallet and a card case.
  3. I don't really like long wallets, but they are useful! Even though I LOVE big handbags, I generally use a small wallet and a card case. That way I can keep all my essential credit cards in the wallet and just bring that with me if I need to switch bags in a hurry. Makes things a lot easier for me!
  4. I have a big all in one. It's really a travel wallet that holds all of my stuff. I got it on Etsy, it's fabric, and I LOVE it.
  5. I have a "George Costanza" wallet. Those of you who watch Seinfeld know what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter if the wallet is big or small, it ends up STUFFED. I can't deal with separate organizers (like cash in a wristlet, cards in a case, etc), because I end up forgetting important things. As much as I'd like to have a small slim wallet, I NEED to have everything together :p
  6. I don't like extra things lying around. I want to bring my wallet and have everything with me in it.
  7. Ha! I wonder if this will be me. My big wallet is stuffed as it is. If I pared down, I wonder if it would just end up big and bulky again.
  8. LOL! My current wallet is what retired my Costanza "brick"
  9. I never carry my check book any more, but I do carry a Lauren Hobo International wallet. It is large enough to carry all I need but not too big (but don;t get me wrong it's still big :smile: ) . I tried carrying separate wallets for money, cards and checks but I was always losing one or digging in my purse forever trying to find the right one.

    I cannot pare down, it always gets stuffed and so far the Hobo Lauren and Rachel (have that one too) are the only ones to cope with my wallet junk :yes:
  10. I like to have just one wallet. It makes it easier when I change bags. If I just grab the one, I know that it has everything that I need. My wallet is also one of the long ones. I have this weird thing where I hate for my money to be folded. I want it to come out of my wallet crisp and unbent. Strange, I know.
  11. I have a long wallet. It's black and it's by nine west. I really like it though. Before that I had a short wallet. The only thing is when you have a bigger wallet you can't get them into smaller purses. Nowadays, though they have so many built in credit card slots that you really almost don't need a wallet.
  12. I don't have the time to dig for various different things in my purse, so I need it all in one place. Plus, it is easier not having to have bills in a bending pocket for me, so a long wallet is best for me. I almost NEVER carry a checkbook, as checks are all but obsolete with very rare exceptions, but a long wallet is still best for me to keep money, cards and receipts.
  13. My unsolicited advice: ditch the checkbook, ladies! Just tear out a couple checks and put them in your wallet in the money compartment. You'll have one or two if you need to write a check, but since most of us use debit cards these days instead you won't miss it.
  14. I have a Louis Vuitton Epi Leather all in one. It's not bulky at all.
  15. I'm looking for a new wallet - mine is falling apart (it's quite lovely - purple ostrich from italy). But I do carry a lot of customer cards, museum memberships, gift vouchers etc. as well as a lot of coins. Should I go for an all-in-one like I have now (I think mine is bursting because I've overstuffed it)? I'm a student and I carry the same nylon bag to college every day (saving the designer bags for the weekend) so it needs to be sturdy and easy going. I've been eyeing a Prada safiano number. What do you ladies think?