Do you prefer Neutral or Colorful bags?

  1. Most of my bags are either black or brown. However, so is most of my wardrobe. LoL This forum has changed my mind about sticking with just black and brown for my bags. I am now open to adding color to my wardrobe via purses. I was wondering how you ladies feel about this subject. Do you prefer neutral bags (black, brown, beige) or colorful bags (red, blue, green, purple, etc.) TIA!
  2. Occasionally I'll see a really pretty bag in bright colors...but I prefer neutral. I don't like drawing attention to myself, esp. if I'm carrying a designer bag.

    And yes...I know I'm being a little hypocritical since I own monogram LV.
  3. I like neutral bags, but there is always that cute colorful bag that pops up every once in a while....
  4. Depends on the sort of bag...
    But looking into my closet I see a lot of neutrals too
    I think a classic bag deserves a classic colour
    and to be honest- if I'd own three Birkins I'd allow myself to get the fourth in a more trendy colour- to me it depends on the size of the collection too.. if I have enough of classics I can go for colour!
  5. Oh Neutral for me.. MOST of my bags are shades of Neutrals.
  6. I like both, but I have mostly neutrals. I'm working on adding more color to my collection. :yes:
  7. I like both neutral and colorful bags.
  8. The simpler the lines of a bag, the more colorful I like it. If a bag has big buckles or doodads already, then I like it to be neutral.
  9. If you wear neutrals, a bright bag looks great; but alot of people don't like the attention it brings - I think sometimes a bright color really exhibits the leather better. A great black or camel bag that goes with everything is easy to grab and go. Obviously, I think you should have both!
  10. I definitely prefer neutrals, the vast majority of my bags are in some shade of brown but I also have some bags in blue and black. Peggy
  11. I like both.
  12. I like and have both. I love the colours of the Bbags because the design is simple and it doesn't scream designer but they have the best blues and red bags. I just love my rouge vif how it pops with my neutral clothings. I wear a lot of black, white, grey, beige and brown. I actually just own 1 black bag, a dark grey and one brwon and the rest is a bit more colourful.
  13. I like both ... prefer more colorful actually. But lately I've been loving my black handbags....

    If I were to get a birkin, I want one in a bold bright color!
  14. I like neutrals...... although with smaller purses, wristlets, I prefer colored pieces ao they kinda 'pop'.....
  15. I'm pretty much like you. I have mostly pretty neutral colors. But the forum helps me to become a little more daring.
    I love b-bags and they have so wonderful colors,:love: so I am still struggeling but think my next might end up beeing a bright red.
    Writing this I get goosebumps because it's kind of scarry.:shame: