Do you prefer monogrammed or plain bags??

  1. It appears that with all the interest in MJ, Chloe, Hermes, B-bags, GD, Kooba etc on this forum, there is a huge trend towards leather bags and it seems to be what everyone is buying lately.

    I have always been drawn to monogrammed bags like the Gucci GG, Coach signature, Dior print and especially loyal to the LV monogram but I'm thinking of breaking away from my loyalties and getting into the leather bag craze. I would really love a Fendi Spy satchel but that is way out of the question now and will mostly likely get a Juicy Quilted bag.

    What about you??? Are you a monogram lover or do you prefer plain bags? What do you like about either?
  2. I don't have any mono bags. I've thought about it many a time - but never been able to pull the trigger. If I did buy one i'd buy the LV speedy 30.
    That said, I prefer more classic leather bags. The Balenciaga and the Chloe Edith were more "me". I did purchase a Kooba - but I returned it as it just didn't feel like my style.
    I did (and can't wait to arrive) purchase 3 Gerard Darel bags. I'm hoping that their low key style will work for me for quite a long time.

    So I guess so far i'm a no mono person - but who knows about the future.
  3. i love subtle monos...subtle colors, not nessicarily logos. :smile:

    LV is my fave...dior is ok, esp. in pink. not really a gucci fan, unless it's black and that's just boring (i wear enough black...i refuse to accessorize with it). i think part of my brain feels like in order to rationalize the money i spent, i need everyone else to know that it's a quality bag. then the other part of my brain puts the smack down on the first part because well...that's just a snobby thing to think and i *really* work hard at not being that girl. :smile:

    i loooove the feel of leather bags but can't find one that suits me in my price range. chloe, bbags, kooba, MJ etc. all have too many details going on (although MJ is slowly growing on me). i love hermes and some chanel, but i'm still a couple years away from affording those. kate spade has some nice boarskin sometimes, but i don't like her bag shapes/lack of zippers (but love the wallets!) is everywhere (and my good friend LOVES coach and i don't want to copy her) and dooney AWL just isn't me really. *shrugs* when i find a leather bag that loves as much as speedy does, maybe i'll buy it.
  4. Both for me actually. It all depends on the style for me.
  5. Me too. Both is perfectly fine.
  6. I like monogrammed bags better. I just like they way the GG looks or the C on the coaches. I like the fabric more for some reason. I'm not a big fan of smooth leather bags.

  7. I don't own any mono bags. Even when it was really popular to own a mono bag, I didn't much care for it. But to each their own!
  8. I used to like mono bags more....GG and LV -- but lately I'm not caring for them so much and like the more discreet leather bags...our tastes just change and change!
  9. i like both, have a nice mix in my collection
  10. I love both.
  11. I definitely am not drawn to the monogram bags with the exception of LV. What I look for in a bag is generally the shape of it, then the material. Rarely is leather embossed with repeating logo motifs.

    I don't mind one big CC on my totebag but I'd prefer not to have a bunch of them LV-style. For some reason I do like the LV and Gucci logos, but I tend to dislike Coach and Dior logos for myself. Great for others though!
  12. I honestly think it really doesnt matter, because anyone in the know about handbags is going to know what your carrying anyways. Balenciaga is a great example. There are no loud logo's on it, but you know it at first sight. Same with the Spyand Hermes.

    That being said....I like both, logo's and no logo's. I personally buy mostly coach and can spot a coach a mile away wether it has the C's on it or not. I like the signature stuff because the canvas is very sturdy and hard to mess up. I also like the leather as it is soft and just yummy! If I do get a LV this fall, it will either be the mono or the damier. I really dont even think of them as one being logo vs the other less known fabric. Right now I am waiting on style availability and Price.
  13. I prefer monogrammed bags.. mainly because I don't actually like all leather bags. There have only been a few all leather bags that I'd consider buying.. Chanel reissue, a Birkin, maybe something from the suhali line. It's just personal aesthetics !
  14. What Ayla said. Personally, I adore all leather bags, and wouldn't consider carrying a monogrammed bag. It's what ever makes you happy - whatever floats your boat!
  15. i try to stay away from monogrammed bags. i feel like i'm getting more for my money with a plainer bag. but i'm really beginning to like the dior mono again...*must look away.*