Do you prefer juice or soda?

  1. I like juice a lot. Soda is too tingly.
  2. Juice, natural .. not too sweet.

    I don't like carbonated drinks at all.
  3. Both soda and juice are too high in calories for me to enjoy. I hate diet sodas. I prefer tea, with no sugar, only sweet and low.
  4. Water, Water, water.

    I do, however, like mineral water. I could live on perrier.
  5. I prefer water or diet coke. Juice is too sweet and I am turned off by all the sugar and calories in it.
  6. I like juice as long as it's not from concentrate. Concentrate = blah
  7. Neither..water is my choice.
  8. I'm only water and tea now, but I've never been able to drink juice, it just never went over well with my belly, especially orange and cranberry juice. I could drink coke like a fiend though, lol
  9. juice
    no soda:tdown:
  10. They both (unless the soda is diet) have way too much sugar in it for me. But I like drinking grape juice every now and then. And I do drink the regular soda sometimes too but I mostly stick to diet whenever I drink coke. In fact.. I actually drink water most of the time LOL.. not too interesting but oh well.
  11. haha I didn't know water was a choice. In that case it's water and green tea!! I rarely drink juice, trying to drink more though since I don't eat much fruit either (there just isnt' enough time :p )
  12. I like juice
  13. soda
  14. I prefer water! Juice next, but it has to be watered down... and definitely NO SODA. That stuff is terrible for your body!
  15. I prefer juice, but I only drink 100% juice, not that yucky colored water with high fuctose corn syrup lol. I particularly love grapefruit juice and pressed apple juice.