Do you prefer Gold or Silver hardware on your Pradas?

  1. Lately, Ive been lusting over pradas with gold hardware even if the bag looks gorgeous. The silver now seems dull to me. What do you guys prefer?
  2. it depends on the model..but gold looks better on bags I guess
  3. gold gold gold! loooooove the gold in contrast with the blacks and browns. it really pops! im looking to get a black prada wallet w/gold hardware. it's just stunning.
  4. ITA!!! :tup:
  5. If I had only one choice, it would definitely be gold. I'm a gold girl. Though now that I think of it, out of my 8 Prada bags, I only have one that has gold hardware!! The Golden Goose even has silver hardware in spite of being gold metallic leather. Weird...
  6. i think gold against a black bag is gorgeous...:nuts:
  7. I like gold hardware. I think color of gold can brighten up the leather quality. But, silver hardware goes well with Nylon though.
  8. I have bags with both, but lately seem to prefer the silver.
  9. My new Cervo has gold hardware and I wouldn't want it any other way. My black nylon backpack is silver.

    I am mostly into silver jewelry and stuff.. but gold definately has its place in bags!
  10. It matters on the bag to me, but if I had to chose; it would be gold!
  11. I wear a lot of gold everyday so GOLD on all my bags.
  12. gold is bit too luxe, but i suppose that's how it should be :graucho:
  13. I really like silver. I've not been much into gold.