Do you prefer DBTY necklace in yellow or white metal? I surprised myself that I'm

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  1. considering it in yellow gold.

    I am almost strictly a white metal person, and just a year ago I would have considered it a sin to set diamond in yellow gold :P.

    But I have started to become a fan of yellow gold + diamond because it gives the jewelry a warm, almost vintage, old world look (IMO). Plus, I am really into 2 tone / mixed metal jewelry, and this kind of have that look (yellow + white).

    So for me, the white metal would be the safe, obvious choice, while the yellow metal would be the interesting choice.

    What do you think? Should I go for yellow gold, or stick with white gold / platinum.

  2. I have the DBTY single diamond set in platinum. I like them both though. Either choice is great.
  3. My first choice is platinum, and second choice is yellow gold. If I want something white, I prefer platinum, because I do not want to deal with yellowing over time or going through the trouble of replating.
  4. I'm also a fan of mixed metal looks. Either would probably look great though!
  5. I have it in yellow gold
  6. I personally look better in cool metals, so I would always pick platinum or rose gold over yellow; however, I've seen the Tiffany necklace set in yellow gold, and the contrast is unbelievable - the melees really pop. If I win lotto, I would get the yellow one to layer with the platinum necklace that I recently ordered from Whiteflash (haven't received it yet). If you mostly wear warm colors or yellow gold, that might be the way to go. Good luck!
  7. I have the dbty single stone necklace in YG and the bracelet in platinum with 3 stones. I usually stay with white metals, but for some reason I chose the YG it attracted me more in the YG necklace than the platinum, but I like mixing colours so wearing both doesnt bother me
  8. I prefer yellow gold for most things!
  9. White metal~My wedding ring and diamond studs are in white metals, too.
  10. YG! I just got the DBTY necklace in YG and it's stunning~ if you are looking for something white, i would say go for platinum instead of white gold :smile:
  11. It's your picture that made me want the YG!!! Almost all my other diamonds are set in either platinum or white gold, but the DBTY in YG just spoke to me.

    I think I will go with the 18k YG. :smile:
  12. I think its because its such a delicate piece that the YG looks good. I am really fair (Canadian, Irish heritage) and dark hair so white tone metals and rose gold are usually what I stay with, if the necklace was thicker or more substantial I definitely would have chosen a white metal