Do you prefer clemence, togo or other for a 35 birkin?


Which skin do you prefer for a birkin 35

  1. clemence

  2. togo

  3. other (let me know which one below!!)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please tell me why and if you select other, which skin do you prefer? Just curious!
  2. I would get Box, but then I would get EVERYTHING in Box!!!! LOL! I prefer smooth to textured leather in general. But if I have to choose between Clemence and Togo, I would choose Clemence: it's the only textured leather I like.....:yes:
  3. RC, I can't choose...they are different things, with a different look/feel/use...
    But right now box is on my list...someday...
  4. Clemence. I love that it has slouch to it, and it's so soft. Slouchy bags = :heart:
  5. I think togo and clemence are really close, and therefore this is a close call. I suppose if you had to choose, clemence looks a little better than togo in a larger bag since the grains are a little larger and flatter and no veins. Just my opinion. I have both, I like them both.
  6. I prefer clemence, specially for a larger bag in a casual style. I really like how it feels to the touch. Also, I really appreciate the fact that Birkin 35 in clemence never looks like suitcase, even on somebody on the thinner side:yes:
  7. Hi! Of just togo/clemence, I'd say clemence. For the same reasons already mentioned.

    But overall, I'd say box. Box is more practical in a bigger size because it doesn't "expand" as much as the other leathers, IMO.
  8. Well I will speak out for Togo. I love the veining or "poetic raindrops" as my friend calls them. They remind me of rain falling on a window. It isn't as floppy as Clemence and has a shine that Clemence lacks which I also appreciate.
  9. I prefer stiffer bags - box, VL, chevre.
    I do have a togo tho. It is as slouchy as I dare go!
  10. CHEVRE!! Lightweight (and that's crucial for me on a 35cm) and so elegant!
  11. Between togo and clemence I prefer togo because the grains are smaller. Also, it slouches less. If I have another option, I would go with box or swift because I am leaning more and more into smooth leathers. Another one would be chevre mysore so that the spine is not so obvious.
  12. I prefer a more structured birkin, so my vote is for "other". I have and like chevre. I also like fjord in some colors...
  13. I prefer togo. It doesn't much.
  14. Specifically with regard to a 35, I'd pick Clemence.
    I love the casual look and the slouch on the larger size. On smaller bags I like more of a variety, but I prefer the 35's to have a little slouch and softness, so Clemence is a fave on those.
  15. I choose other as I think the choice of leather really depends on the choice of colour. Some colours really go well with a type of leather and vice versa.