Do you prefer Chanel classics or new styles?

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  1. Chanel is has always been fabulous and lately even more so with so many new styles! However as pretty as the new things are, when it comes to buying, I seem to still go for the classics. How about you??
  2. BOTH! I just love Chanel very much! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

  3. I second that!!! You cant just saythat you like the classics as Chanel always makes new styles that are :drool::drool:
  4. If I had to pick, I'd say the classics. They've been around forever for a reason! :smile:
  5. BOTH, really i just cant get enough
  6. Ditto on the previous comments regarding the "classics" and I'm including the reissue and e/w in that category. I love them so that it's difficult for me to get THAT excited with most of the new styles. I do appreciate and understand the motive in creating new looks, but something about the classics is "priceless." (Yes, pun intended.)
  7. love some of the new styles, but i find myself gravitating towards the classic bags more... i want my chanels to "grow old with me", and i feel that can probably only happen with the classic styles! that said, some of the seasonal/newer styles that make me :drool: have found a place in my collection so... :lol:
  8. I love both, but there is just something about that classic flap that makes my heart skip.
  9. the classic is a must!!! ^O^ but if i can afford more chanels i wish for both. u can definitely carry the classics till ur death =D *haha* never be unfashionable :smile:
  10. new styles are great but i guess i never really found one that screamed my name so i usually stick to the classics more.
  11. Depends on my needs and the look I want to complete w/the bag. Some call for classic, some call for more contemporary. So, I have both.
  12. I guess I prefer the new styles. I'm not a real fan of the flap bags which tends to be their classic look.
  13. New styles! The classic styles are just ok to me...sorry
  14. I think I can fill my closet just with the classic Chanel bags...classic flap, GST, reissue, PST, medallion tote. However, the diamond stitch, cabas, and such are so fun for everyday!
  15. I love both also, but tend to have more classics.