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Do you prefer buying new or preloved and why?


Aug 30, 2011
I used to try to do preloved but hate the authenticity paranoia!!! So now I think I'm going to only buy new to save the heartache. It is a terrible feeling to even think you have been duped.


Jan 23, 2012
Any brand but LV I only buy new. LV I buy new and pre-LVoed because so many people buy bags and change their minds and I reap the benefits! I got a gently used bloomsbury MIF for $620 which means I saved over $500 off the cost of full retail plus tax. I got a brand new never used delightful MM for $700, used it for a few months and re-sold it for $750. I figure if I can save money, I will.

I know some folks who don't like the cloth USA tags swear to only buy pre-LVoed from now on because they prefer the old tags.


Happily Ever After
May 26, 2012
I have two pre-loved items (a Fendi spy bag and LV Mono Keepall) and, although I am 99.9% certain of their authenticity, that 0.10% constantly niggles at me, and I don't feel quite the same when I carry them. So, unless there was an LE that I 'had' to have, I don't think I would buy pre-loved again. I do think the authentication section of this forum is brilliant though.


Oct 24, 2011
i only bought 1 pre-loved item ( a mono noe)... i have never used it...i would not do it again ever!!! i worried so much about it being fake etc.... it's just not worth it!!! i also love the light colored leather before it patina's!!! and i do like the whole shopping in person experience!!


LV Lover
Jan 2, 2012
I always prefer new, however...I purchased almost all my speedy's pre-loved on ebay. All are authentic and I saved at least 20-40% off retail! Which makes me feel great! They are all in like new condition and you'd never know they are used.
Jun 5, 2011
I only buy new. God knows what some people put in their purses and that makes me a little grossed out. I know a few people that use their NF's and Speedy's as overnight bags and yes they toss their dirty clothes in their bags, I remember actually seeing a person at the airport with dirty clothes piled in a NF. I am clean but not a paranoid clean freak but I draw the line at Dirty Undies :tdown:
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