Do you prefer Brad Pitt or David Beckham? USA vs UK


Brad Pitt vs David Beckham

  1. Brad Pitt

  2. David Beckham

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  1. They can certainly pass as long lost brothers. One was made in the USA and the other has just been imported from the UK. Both are SUPER Handsome and SUPER sexy, so which do you prefer?


    Both even looks great with a crew cut!


    So which of these two you can look at all day long?

    My vote goes to BRAD because not only I can look at him all day, but I can also listen to him talk all day long, too!!!:drool:
  2. I think David is awesome to look at...then he talks...:nuts:
  3. David Beckham, all the way. Brad Pitt is cute, but he looks a bit like a monkey.
  4. David B does nothing for me. Plus he has had sex with his wife who I find gross. I wouldn't want his sloppy seconds. These are just my opinions before all the Poshers attack! I go with Brad.
  5. I know what you mean. I saw the behind the scene DVD of "Bend it Like Beckham". I felt so ackward listening to him. He's very good looking, but he should really limit his talking, but I do love his British accent!:p
  6. ofcourse DAVİD :biggrin:
  7. brad. hands down. could watch Troy 24 hours a day.
  8. I voted for David cuz I LOVE ACCENTS but I def wouldn't kick either one out!! :love:

    And for the record.........Brad Pitt was HOTTER before Angelina.......somehow he's just not as cute anymore!
  9. Gotta be Brad!!
  10. whoops double post!
  11. David not for the way he talks but I hate Brad for leaving Jennifer :sad:
  12. I think Brad...his looks change though..I didn't like him when he had longish hair
  13. This is a toughie - Brad Pitt used to be super hot but now, the thumb print on his head just doesn't do it for me anymore.... ;)

    And as for David - he's a hottie until he opens his mouth and sounds like a whiny little girl!

    Close call but David, I figure he'd find it hard to talk with his mouth full :graucho:
  14. brad pitt for me.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I know what you mean