Do you pre-order bags sight completely unseen?

  1. I have just pre-ordered a LV Onatah GM in leather from this fall/winter -- without any photographic basis (since LV hasn't released anything yet that can be issued to the public).

    Now, just seconds later, I'm thinking: does anyone else do this? And doesn't that make us a little crazy? :rolleyes:
  2. My first bag I didn't see in person but I saw it on the coach website & they were sold out in the I took a risk & ordered it. I love it, it's beautiful but I don't use it as much. But to buy a bag completely unseen I have never done that (yet).
  3. I've bought a few bags off the internet with only a couple pictures. I wish I had seen them in person because the size of the purse was very deceiving in the pictures. I've never bought a purse without seeing at least a few pictures.
  4. i did- for my chanel reissue 2.55 last year. i fell in love with it immediately when i saw it in ads. and it was even more beautiful to me in person. it was WORTH IT!
  5. I have no problem buying a bag after seeing it only in pictures but I would never buy a bag from a description only - I would have to see pictures.

    I made some initial purchases from e-bay or the internet and then was disappointed when the bags were not the size I was expecting, now I keep a tape measure with me and I also know what dimensions I like a bag to have. Often the pictures seems to make the bag appear much bigger than it really is, at least to me. Peggy
  6. Pursefanatic, Eponineslove, and Jennifer: I normally shop like you, having seen at least a picture or two (which, of course, is sensible), but this is the first time I've ever gone on verbal description alone. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what I get. It's Vuitton, so how awful can it be? At least they have an accommodating 14-day return exchange/refund policy, which is reassuring.

    Peggy: I keep a tape measure, too, precisely for that purpose! Great minds and all that. :smile:
  7. I usually have a mom had gotten my LV Cherry Blossom pochette over the phone based only on description. It was for Christmas that year and they just told her it was the pochette with the pink flowers on it and she went ahead and bought it. She did that with her LV Eye Love scarf as well.
    But for me, I like to see a picture first so I can get an idea of the size.