Do You Polyvore?

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  1. Has anyone else here heard of Polyvore? I found out about it while browsing on another forum and have become addicted! It's like playing fashion stylist with numerous department stores at your dispense and possibly the funnest thing I have come across on the web in a long time. Why haven't I found this sooner? :yahoo:

  2. i polyvore but with items from my wardrobe... its quite a hassle taking pics of everything!!
  3. how does it work?
  4. ^^ Go to the website and register! It's free and all it asks for is your email. You basically put together "sets" or outfits by looking through this huge archive of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. It's really fun if you like styling (which I do!).
  5. I love Polyvore! :girlsigh:
  6. oo i didnt know you could upload your own stuff! im totally signing up. it kinda reminds of of how cher from clueless had her clothes cataloged in some computer program.
  7. This is so much fun! I just found this website, so I thought I'd share with my tpf gals, but of course someone beat me to it!

    I'm in the process of finding all my clothes online and I've spent hours today making outfits and "window shopping" online. It's great to be compare things you want to buy with clothes you already have to find out if those shoes really match that dress!

    I'm going to be wasting too much time on here!
  8. I love it too... It's a great way to organize your seasonal shopping lists, 'cause you can test new items, by matching them with your existing wardrobe... :tup:
  9. I can't figure out how to upload pictures from websites on to Polyvore. :crybaby:
  10. ^^ they have a little tutorial, you put their uploader thingy on your bookmarks toolbar, then click on it whenever there's an item you'd like to add. A drop-down bar pops out, and you click on the picture. Sorry, I know that can't be very much help...go here:

    We should share some of our sets guys! Here's one I just made:

  11. Thanks Laurie! I'm going to check that out and see what I can do. :smile:
  12. Cool! I have never heard of this site before, but it definitely sounds like something I would like!
  13. yea!! its soo cool!! my cousin showed it to me. its very cool. i registered already ive just done like two things!
  14. I polyvore too, I so love the site. I use what I have in my wardrobe too but I dont take pictures like mello, I am to lazy.
  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE polyvore!!! Sometimes when i see that someone has something cool, I just click it or search for it [ie, leather jacket] and voila! I know where to get it, with the brand and website! It's pretty amazing, and it's so fun!