Do you play with your LVs at home?

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  1. Well, do you gals play with you LVs at home. I mean do you carry them without around the house like i do.

    Whether for fun, or for the sake of patina haha.

    Share your stories! :heart:
  2. I visit this forum all the time but not while I am at work. Would not like to visit the forum at work as I would then spend far too much time here. Not sure if this counts.
  3. I was just playing with mine last night. Just taking them out to look at. I play dress up with them. I try my LV accessoires on them (inclusions).
  4. Ha, im carrying my batignolles as we speak to darken the patina.

    Im such a patina freak!

  5. I take them out and look at to take pix of my collection as I add to it.

    My daughter plays with them a lot. She keeps trying to get into the armoire that they're housed in and pulling them out to drag around the house. She goes into whatever bag I am using and pulls all of the things out.

    I gave her a Coach one that she keeps in her toy chest that she loves to put on her shoulder and run around the house.

    My avatar shows her playing with my Musette.

    The one bag I do not let her touch is my Sophie (even though the Denims cost more).
  6. Omg Sophia I totally play with mine at home! I actually carry stuff in my bag that I need from room to room - my cell phone etc. I love catching a glimpse of my bag in the mirror!
  7. Lol I wear my Inclusions around and have been carring my CB Cles around with me because they're just so cute. I can't put them down haha.
  8. i do it all the time.. i think it's just an addiction wiht bags, i have to hold one for a while sometimes, like ppl with shoes must wear slippers with heels indoors..
  9. Of course I do, I fill them with stuff or just carry them around empty and put different charms on them to see how I like the way they look. Or I will just sit on the couch and stare at them. I may try to put my bunny in my new Speedy.
  10. i carry my speedy 25 everywhere in the house.

    my brother helps carry some to help some monogram bags patina.

    or else i love carrying my moms lv, cause a lot of hers are vintage and i feel like the asian audrey hepburn XD
  11. yes, i do... i always like to carry my speedy in front of the mirror and some different outfits to match with the bag.... and i like to take out my wallet and see and play... i really love them.....
  12. I guess I am the odd one on this one, I don't take my bags out and play. I see them when I decide which one is going out with me and when I get home I put them away.

    I am sure my daughter goes through my bags to see which one she wants to take for the day.
  13. Oh for sure hon, who doesn't?!?! :graucho:
    I ususally just take it out in front of the mirror and tell myself what a good choice I made. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  14. I luv to take mine out and look at them. I'm always thinking of ways how to display them. Why not look at and play with our beautiful treasures at home:smile:
  15. I dont take mine out! Im terrified of patina! And as soon as my neo fuschia gets through the door shes stuffed and put straight back into the dust bag! My damier speedy is just out lying around my room, no worry about tanning on her! xx
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