Do you play favorites?

  1. I have a coach, a couple of Dooneys and a Michael by Michael Kors....all were purchased before I got my first Marc Jacobs...of course!!! Now they sit on my closet shelf never to see daylight again. I favor my MJ so much! I know I should diversify by carrying them all but I am just not drawn to them anymore. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. =) I do this too, but I cycle my "favorites" every few weeks!
  3. Yes sometimes. But most times i tend to get the bag that goes with my outfit. there are those times though that i am drawn to using a particular bag (even if it's my Macy's no name brown flap bag which i like for its vintagey 70's look) or just want to use a certain mj bag. :smile:
  4. I think you can't just help it. Right now I've been carrying my spearmint mp! :love::love: