Do you play a string instrument?

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  1. I don't know how many responses I'll get out of this thread, but thought it would be fun to try. Do you play a string instrument? Tell me about your instrument (what it is, where you got it, it's history) and bow! Also, studying music, for fun or playing professionally?

    I'll start, I'm studying violin performance in San Francisco and I'm going to graduate this spring after I do my recital :sweatdrop: after that, I'm not sure if I'll really play any more. My violin is a Collin-Mezin, France, 1907 that I acquired in Berkeley and an Arcus bow that I love to death.

    I would love to know if there are any more string players out there on the forum!
  2. Unfortunately, I do not. :crybaby:BUT I can appreciate your talent!!! Wow. I have no words to describe my appreciation for the music you perform...heavenly!!! Thank you!!!!
  3. I play acoustic guitar (I really need to play more). I bought it at a pawn shop for $50.00 they wanted $75.00 but was only taking cash that day and all I had on me was 50 so I got it for that price.

    After seeing John Mayer and Josh Rouse in concert it really made me wanna play guitar more. If I could form a band I would but I'm to old to do that now.
  4. I play the harp. I've played since I was 14 (and I'm 27 now).

    My parents bought a Lyon & Healy lever harp for me 10 years ago, when I was 16. It was such a neat experience- we had to order it and wait a few months while it was built and shipped! My harp is now over 10 years old, but it will always be "new" to me.

    This is what my harp looks like:

    Only it's in a nice rich mahogany color.

    I've unfortunately neglected my practice over the past few years, but I hope to take it up again. I moved and am now looking for a new harp teacher to help me re-string and get playing again. It's a big goal of mine- I miss playing it! We'll see.

    I also play the piano. I keep nagging Husband for a baby grand. :graucho:

  5. I think you'll be surprised- I thought I wouldn't touch my harp or the piano after I graduated and stopped taking lessons, but after a few years of not playing I now crave it. While I never want to go professional, it is such a great creative outlet for me- and a good way to relieve stress! :yahoo:
  6. I play(ed) the piano. I used it mostly to compose, and I'm badly out of practise, but it's still fun to do sometimes. :tup:

    good luck with your recital! :okay:
  7. I played the violin and piano for 8 years and was in choir. My family is very musical. My mom made us take at least one music class each year in school. I plan on taking them up again when we're more settled and living in one place for awhile. I didn't want to be a professional musician, but I loved having music a big part of my youth. It really stays with you.
  8. wow that's pretty awesome. not many people can say they play the harp!

  9. I play the guitar.....

    ...on Rockband.

    Sorry, I couldnt resist!

    I appreciate the talent of someone who can play an instrument, but unfortunately, Rockband is as talented as I am in the instrument department!
  10. i play the guitar. i've been playing since i was 16, but like others in this thread, life has gotten in my way the last few years. i really want to start it up again. i have a mexican standard telecaster, dark red body, blond neck. also a mexican standard sunburst strat with a blondneck. i would've bought the american standard ones, but at the time i got them, my parents could only afford the mexican ones.

    i have a classical guitar i first learned on, but i find hte neck is quite thick, it's more challenging.

    right now i'm in the market for a steel string acoustic. prob a fender nonamerican of some sort, i simply cant afford a taylor or a martin :sad:
  11. I played the Violin before. Haven't played in years
  12. we should all support eachother in starting up again!

  13. ^ My neighbors will shudder. I wish I had a soundproof room
  14. I played viola from age 11-21, but was more serious about piano (which I consider to be percussive...).
    Now that I live in a musical city again, I've been thinking about starting up again with piano - but it feels daunting, to put in the same amount of practice that I used to when I was half my current age. :smile:
  15. Guitar. Accoustic and electric. I mainly am a drummer but in my second band I was guitar.