Books & Music Do you play a musical instrument or sing? Tell us your experiences...

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  1. How many members here play musical instruments or sing?
    Did you start as a child?
    Were you ever in a band?

    I use to play piano, and flute. I was pretty good on the flute and have since learned a little bit of the celtic harp. My husband and I met in a progressive rock band, we were both doing the sound for the gigs.

    I've always wanted to learn the bass guitar - namely a Rickenbacker 4001 (think Chris Squire in Yes), the sound of that really transports me.
  2. I play guitar, bass & drums.

    I started at age 14.

    I played in a band until a few years ago.

    My Favorite guitar is the Fender Telecaster.
  3. jburgh, I see in your avatar that you like Corgis. I have three Pembroke Welsh dogs ever!!
  4. i played the piano from about age 6 until just before i turned 21. i played the flute for 2 years in middle school, and then sang from middle school to college. i hated the piano lessons and voice lessons. i guess i was lazy and didn't like to practice! haha. i do miss singing a lot but i still belt it out in my car and at home. :smile:

    jburgh, that's so cool how you met your husband!
  5. I play piano - took lessons for years as a kid. Made my 2 sons take lessons til they were 13 y/o. I have a beautiful baby grand piano and i still play. I really enjoy it.
  6. Piano since I was it...flute, and music in all its forms..:heart:
  7. I took piano from 5-17; clarinet from 11-17; chinese harp from 15-18. always wanted to sing but I don't have the lung capacity or range (^(oo)^)v
  8. Violin since I was 8
    Piano since I was 12
    In Choir all through middle school and highschool
    I also have a few family members that are music educators in highschool and middle school.
  9. I took piano for 4 years, was in choir at school for three.
  10. Piano from 5 to 12. Quit when my mom passed away. Wish I hadn't.
    (My bookkeeper tells me I type like a pianist, lol)

    Tried clarinet at about 9, just had too many other commitments to keep it up.
  11. Flute and piccolo. Piano when I was younger and I attempted to teach myself guitar.

    Flute and Piccolo through High school college: Marching band, symphonic, concert and orchestra.

    I would love to get involved in a community orchestra. I love playing in an ensemble group. Music just takes my worries away.
  12. I started playing the piano when I was in elementary school. Then I played the clarinet from 7th to 12 grade. I was in the marching band when I was in high school.
  13. I played violin for 6 years but i'm not that good ...
  14. I played piano for some time when younger. I can't really put my finger on how old I was.. maybe I should ask my mom LOL. I still play whenever I get the chance so as not to lose practice, but it's hard since I no longer own a piano or a keyboard, even.
  15. piano, and I'm enjoying it!