Do you plan your outfits?

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  1. I need to start planning my outfits in advance, and not spend so long in the mornings trying on everything I own (and usually going back to the first thing I tried, lol).

    For those of you who plan your outfits in advance, how do you keep it organized? Phone notes, Pinterest, etc?

  2. I just plan the night before. I take pictures of outfits that turn out great and keep them for reference/reminder.

    In fact I think I should start a private IG account so I can upload my pics and pics of outfits I come across to refer with ease instead of going through my photos folder...
  3. That's a great idea! I'm bad for putting together amazing outfits and then forgetting about them, so that's a good way to remember them.
  4. I actually just go by my mood in the morning and what I feel like wearing for the day. I did a huge closet re-haul and bought some freestanding racks, so now everything is easily visible - which really helps!
  5. i plan outfits about 3 days in advance maximum... it saves a bunch of time in the mornings. i don't plan more than 3 days b/c weather and my mood can shift. i find that picking a color scheme for 2 or 3 days works best for me, so i can keep the same earrings, bag, shoes, etc. w/out changing so much stuff from day to day. and my closet is color-coordinated so that helps when picking items to wear.
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  6. I download pics of clothing on the ipad, combine them into outfits with the picstitch app just to get ideas of what goes together. Then I combine outfits on hooks in my guest room/dressing room. I can create about ten outfits and have them ready to go.
  7. I try to plan the night before. I also use the stylebook app and Pinterest to keep outfits on my radar

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  8. I plan and put out my clothes the night before on a clothes horse. No need to take pics because it's all there, hat to toe :welcome:
  9. I hang mine on a hanger -accessories and all- ready to go. Sometimes a whole weeks worth...I wear different ('faux) pearls for every day of the I also rotate, I actually bought the same pair of black boots twice so I don't wear them on consecutive days. Apparently they last longer like that and better for fresh feet.
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  10. I most definitely plan before. Otherwise I will think of this great outfit, in my mind, in reality it will look awful and I end up with the vast majority of my wardrobe all over everywhere. Then I will look horrible no matter how good the outfit because my hair and makeup will be wrecked!
  11. Yes
    One week advance mon-fri
    According to my schedule and programmes
    Weekend mostly ts and jeans
  12. I only do this for travel. I put them together physically when I am packing, so I know I have all the pieces I need for the entire trip. Then in the hotel, I will put my outfit for the next day on the valet if there is one. If not, I put it to one side of the closet.

    At home, I decide what to wear in the morning depending on what I have planned for the day. I don't have very many clothes, so this takes at most a minute.
  13. I actually pick out the outfit the night before and the next day when I wear it, I take a pic. I then put together the week of pics in the pic stitch app to keep for reference. The main reason I do this is because I have the worst memory in the world. No seriously, you know how not everything you wear needs to go in the clothes hamper or dry cleaners, so you hang it back in your closet. Well my memory is so bad that if I don't take pics of what I wear, I am bound to wear the same thing 2 or 3 times a week. And I am kind of quirky in that I try not to wear an item if I've worn it in the last 30 days. I know, I know, I sound crazy but it's just me. I do not wear a clothing item if I've worn it in the last 4-5 weeks. Accessories do not count in this process. Soooooo, with that being said, I review my pics of the last 30 days every night and that's how I pick my outfit. I still try to change it up with the accessories, but the outfit is really already coordinated, I just need to pick the one I haven't worn lately.
  14. Also, I've been doing this for years so I have a spring/summer album & a fall/winter album. I'd post pics but I feel like a weirdo just talking about it.
  15. Yes, I like to sleep as late as possible. I'd rather mull over my outfit during today for tomorrow.

    I already know what I'm wearing to church for the next 2 Sunday's and for a party this Saturday. Now I just need to figure out my outfit for next Saturday.
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