Do you plan your outfit around your purse or choose the outfit first then the purse?

  1. Tonight I'm going out with some girlfriends and I really wanted to carry this cute gucci I haven't carried in a while. I was searching through my closet looking for the perfect outfit to match the purse. Does anyone else ever do this? However, on a day to day basis I normally just grab the purse that matches my outfit best.
  2. Nope, most of my handbags are fairly neutral so I just mix and match with anything. I can't be bothered with the hastle!
  3. if there's a purse I really wanna use then I plan my outfit around the purse,
    but normally, I just grab the purse that matches what i already decided to wear.
  4. Same here. I would say most, if not all of my bags can go with my wardrobe, this I did on purpose of course. I do on occasion lay in bed at night and think about what I plan to wear the next day and what bag I want to use, but all in all it wouldn't matter really.

    I do plan on getting a red bag soon, so I can see how this wont go with everything in my wardrobe.
  5. i do both. and i do it with shoes too. i tend to find one thing i wanna wear (sometimes a jacket, sometimes its a bag, shoes, cardigan, necklace, lol whatever catches my attention) then ill coordinate the outfit around that one piece. today it was a black tuxedo style vest
  6. I definitely pick out my outfit first before I choose my bag... thats why I need to have many different colors and styles... never know what your going to wear! :graucho:
  7. Outfit first, then bag. Confession: Sometimes if either I'm lazy or if I just really want to wear a certain bag I will do it even if it doesn't match the outfit perfectly. lol.
  8. i usually use one bag per week (or at least a couple days), and match my outfit to the bag. DH thinks i'm crazy for doing this. but i say it's too much trouble for me to keep switching bags, since i carry a lot.
  9. Before tPF i planned my outfit and found a purse to compliment... Since joining tPF... it's the exact opposite!!
  10. Outfit first. So many components. It's more complicated.
    But the bag part is easy, it's just ONE thing.
    I have BOUGHT handbags with a specific outfit in mind, however.
  11. Mostly around my shoes, then bag -- It depends on how much I have to carry around for the day, or how much walking I'll need to do.
  12. Same here! Actually what I have to carry, directs me to the bag.
  13. Outfit first. That's why I need so many purses! lol! For every outfit... I do match my shoes to my bags though...
  14. I do both. Sometimes I have a special outfit so then I'd look for a purse to complement. Sometimes I want to carry a particular purse so I'll look for an outfit to complement. Most times, I just wear whatever and then match the purse. But I try to keep it so that most of the colors of my clothes and bags are complementary of each other so that they become interchangeable.
  15. I usually have an idea of one item that I wanna wear for the day and coordinate everything around it. On a workday, its usually planned around my top; on a shopping day, I usually focus on my bag or jacket; on a date, I usually decide on my jewelry first.