Do You Pick Up After Your Dog When You Walk Him/Her...

  1. Besides the fact that it's a law here, I do. I think it's pretty rude, and gross not to.
  2. I always pick up after my dog.
  3. Always!!!
  4. Always! It makes me SO mad when there is a huge dog turd on my nice lawn from rude people who don't do it. :cursing:
  5. always!!! i hate it when people don't pick up after their's disgusting.
  6. Definitely. Even if i forgot to bring papers i'd ask from others.. Imagine stepping on dog crap.. :sad:
  7. i can see the issue in huge cities, or those really close together development neighborhoods or public parks where kids play....but out here in small town america's boondocks, poop is poop. there's as many wild critters out here as companion animals and they all poop. it biodegrades and isn't that big a deal. i'm going to be honest....i only pick up after my dog if it's A) in someone's yard or B) actually ON a sidewalk or in the middle of a walking trail. that's really all anyone expects you to do around here and most people don't even do that.
  8. I always pick up it it's on the street or in pulblic parks etc. I think its gross with poop laying around. The exception is in the woods
  9. Of course! I've even called home on my cell to have one of the kids bring me a bag when I somehow dropped the one I had taken with me.
  10. Of course! I don't want my dog to have access to sniff/step in/roll on other poo.. so won't leave her's laying around either. Plus, all sorts of parasites live in doggy poo. If you leave it lay -- then you could potentially pass them on to other dogs. Yuck!
  11. I always pick up. The city just put in a "poop station" a few weeks ago right next door to where I live. They supply bags and they come by every day and clean it. It is just so gross when people do not pick up.
  12. I don't walk my dog much, but if I do, nope, I don't pick up. She poops in the grass. I figure that's what the grass is for.
  13. That's not what grass is for. Would you be so uncaring if it was your lawn that dogs were pooping on?

    I always pick up after my dog. I think it is incredibly rude when folks don't, because someone else always invariably steps in it.
  14. Yes, I always do. It's so disgusting when people don't do it! It's especially roud in neighbourhoods with small children, you never know what they can put in ther mouth :sneaky:
  15. Yep, always. I hate when I see people in my neighborhood letting their dogs go on other people's lawns, and not picking it up. It drives me insane!