Do you perfer....

  1. Question, hope this isn't a duplicate thread...but do you perfer going to the store and paying sales tax for a LV, getting the customer service and the ability to choose your item -plus, not having to wait for your LV to ship....or do you prefer saving some $$ for other things and order online from ELUXURY?

    Bascially, I decided that seeing FREE shipping was able again on ELUX that I would order my Keepall 50 -but they didn't have a 50, only the 55 - so I went with the 55....I could of just as easily gone to one of my local LV stores...but I thought about it and i saved about $86.00 (no sales tax, FREE shipping and 3% rebate on ******) - ordering my keepall from Elux than going to the store! I definitely think it was worth it .

    ....what would you do?
  2. I don't get a choice.. unfortunately. But if I do, and had the option of ****** open, I would defintely go the eLux route, I've just been the victim of SO many rude SAs for no good reason.. :sad:
  3. I prefer to go to the boutique even though the tax is high. I like chatting with my SA while I'm there and seeing all the new items IRL and trying things out.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm in CA, so I still have to pay the sales tax on eluxury. That being said, I actually enjoy the SA interaction and seeing things before I buy them! :yes:
  5. There is no sales tax in Oregon... so I definitely prefer going into the store, talking with the SA, and fondling all the bags. Plus, in most cases I get to walk out with what I want. Can't beat immediate gratification when it comes to LV!
  6. Agree!! I'm in CA as well, so e-lux is not really an option for me but I do like to look at e-lux everyday for prices, etc.

    I really prefer buying from the LV store since I'm picky about my bags. I like to look at several of the same LV item before buying the "perfect" bag!! Actually, I'm like this with everything I buy (clothing, shoes, books, etc.)! I also enjoy talking to my SA.
  7. that must be nice! we only have no tax on clothing over here... but bags/accessories are still taxed, which is why i prefer ordering from elux.
  8. honestly, i prefer saving the $$$...despite the wait in shipping time. i go to the boutiques to look at the bag i want to buy before i actually do buy it...just for size comparison, how it feels, etc. i would like being able to choose the exact bag i get, but i'd rather save the money! for my first ever Lv bag, though, i did go to the have the in-store experience. it was fun, walking around the boardwalk with my LV shopping bag, so elated to get home!
  9. If I purchased often, the money saved would make a difference and I would go the elux route, but I only get an item once or twice a year so I prefer going to the store. I enjoy browsing and chatting with the SAs, choosing my item, and then having them wrap it up in a box for me with a catalog thrown in. And I love walking out with a brown bag.
  10. Like many of the others have said I am in CA too, so no savings for me...I am not sure what I would do if I lived else where....I do love going and 'playing' with me SAs.
  11. You know, I like instant gratification! I love walking into the store, looking at all of the pretty purses, touching them and really having that experience. I live 4 hours from San Fran...I would rather take a weekend in the city and go go the boutique rather than ordering from elux. I dunno if anyone feels the same way...there is just something about the experience, especially when you are with friends that are just as crazy about LV as you are!
  12. If i wanted to go the boutique, I would have to drive 3 or 4 hours to get to one, so elux for me! Plus the no sales tax is nice.
  13. I Prefer Eluxury.
  14. Even though there's a boutique where I live, I still prefer elux. I like ****** and free shipping.
  15. I remember that there was a tread about this.
    Since I don't live in America I have no other choice than going to the boutique, but even if they shipped I like going to the store more!