Do you pay taxes??

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  1. Let say you live in Cali and called NY LV and ordered something through them, would you have to pay taxes? It's weird coz I ordered something from NY and they didn't charge me taxes yet when I ordered something from Vegas they charged me taxes even though it's being sent to Cali. What's the deal?
  2. I think it depends on the store. I've always had to pay the tax when I do charge-sends.
  3. that is strange...i am just start building LV collection by ebate+Elux b/c there's no tax and rebates :smile: I would suggest this combo for anyone who want to purchase something classic, the only draw back is you don't get the credit of history in LV's data base
  4. Lol..unless you live in TN or CA..then they get you by charging your state's sales tax. That's why I don't use elux unless they have something I'm dying to have right that second.
  5. Same here... I live in CA and we get taxed from elux! :crybaby:
  6. oh my! that's a big boooo~,:hrmm: perhaps the cyber monday/thursday from ******(8%) can help a little, it's normally 4% rebate, while you still pay the tax, but at least you get some rebates back. :flowers:
  7. if the store in new york is sending the bag to a local LV in cali for a instore pick up you would have to pay you local tax on it
  8. I think they do.

    Once I ordered something over the phone with 866-vuitton. Several days later I called back to check on the status. They were unable to find my order I placed with them, but they found my elux order.
  9. Really????? So if I purchased from elux on a Monday or Thursday, I will get 8% fatwallet rebate? How long is this 8% special going to continue until?
  10. ooh... cyber monday and cyber thursday are special days that they announce in advance. It was only good for 8 hours. But you still get 4% cash back on regular days. :smile:
  11. oops, sry i forgot to clearify the cyber mon/thur was a special promo, much like Black Friday(the time limited, big sale aft thanksgiving), you can find more info in Delas and Steal forum. It's normally 4% not 8%, but heck, i still take it and run! free s&h (which was super fast for me, w/n 3 days for me in TX) on Eluxury ends on 12-23 if i remember correctly. Do check out Deals and Steals forum for some good coupon codes, and i believe there should be one TPF who is official ****** PR(?)
    good luck!