DO you Own?

  1. does anyone own the B. MIX Baulotto?
    I love this bag tell me how it's working out and modeling pics please!!

  2. I don't own this but I'm I tried on the black version of this (I think patent leather) in the store and I LOVE IT! For the price and the way it looks, I really want it..but I have other things on my list that I'll probably get before. As for this style I haven't seen it yet, but if you like it then I give a :tup: for the bag!
  3. That is gorgeous!!! I have never seen it before-where did you find it??:drool:
  4. [​IMG] black one:love:
  5. it's on eluxury! It's the camoflauge versionfor fall '07. I love it because it's so chic and versatile. I could dress it up or down. But before I spent the $$$$ I wanted some opinions on it first. I stuck between this and a chanel:confused1:
  6. Tough choice, which Chanel are you stuck between? Also are you more of a casual or dressy person?
  7. I'm more of a casual person but I will dress up here or there. I'm stuck between the chanel luxe bowley in black metallic.. i really like this Fendi. I think it takes a special person to pull off a camoflauge bag...
  8. I would go with Chanel, because I personally couldn't pull of the camo bag...I'm pretty boring in that regard:girlsigh:

    That's why I was trying to get a sense of your own personal style. You should check it out in person and if it sings to you, then go for it!
  9. If you love the camo style then go for it, I couldn't pull it off either and would rather have the black or purple one. Ooh I just remembered they had a purple one.:nuts: Lol. Do you have a pic of the Chanel for reference?
  10. Two very different bags!!
  11. ^ You're right, totally different. Well, I don't have a better answer after seeing that pic though. Do you like one slightly more than the other?
  12. I love the Chanel it can be a classic! But i really love the Fendi because it's so different. I guess i'll go on size and price if all else fails!:graucho:
  13. Sorry I couldn't help more, looks like you sort of have an answer though. :smile: Enjoy whichever one you get!