Do you own this style of wallet?

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  1. Hello,

    If you do, I'd like to hear your opinions on the quality of the construction and the leather. I'm interested in the one in calf skin.

    I currently own a 7+ years old of LV International wallet and I am very happy with its durability and how it holds up after heavily used for all these years.

    Is it reasonable to expect the same durability from this style of SF wallet?

    Thank you all so much.:biggrin:

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  2. I do not have an LV wallet, but I can talk to the Ferragamo issue. I have a Ferragamo wallet and a key case. I use the wallet about one month a year, but the key case gets daily use. The key case gets a lot of handling and it looks great after 90 days. I am happy with Ferragamo leathers and construction.

    Some leathers, just by their nature, hold up better. I find the pebbled nappa and calf holds up very well because the skin shrinks in the tanning process.
  3. Thank you... jburgh :biggrin:. I have my eyes on the one in pebbled calf.

    Anyone else??
  4. We are a very low traffic forum. Hope someone else answers.
  5. I have this wallet in calfskin (not pebbled), but sadly can't say anything about durability, as it is still sitting in its box in the closet. As for the style - I love it, that's why I got it in the first place. It is practical and beautiful at the same time. And it has a lot of card slots - either twelve or thirteen, plus an ID window. I also love this type of lock.
  6. Irene1, it is time to take her out of the box and for a spin!
  7. is a ferragamo wallet for men okay? or should i go for another designer?
  8. I have a Ferragamo wallet ( calfskin ). I like using it, because the interior lining is also leather. A
  9. I have the exact same wallet (calfskin) from the first year they introduce the Marisa style bag (it was a matching wallet for the original turquoise/capri blue color)--must have been at least 6, 7 years ago and the leather has held up beautiful. Stitching all intact, only around the picture window slot has about 2mm of where the glue between the leather and the window piece is sticking anymore. IMHO it's the best wallet ever especially if you need lots of card slots AND a pic window along with 4 bill slots and coin pocket. It holds SO MUCH! I'm actually looking for one in the red color but haven't had much luck....
  10. The Ferragamo men's division is just as impressive as the women's. Ferragamo men's wallets are classics, and there are several on sale!
  11. Thank you all. I ordered one in black nappa a few months ago. I only use it a few times. The leather is very soft and I'm just afraid to ruin it. So far I have been very happy.