Do You Own The Same Bag In Different Colors?


Do you own the same bag in differnet colors?

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  1. I don't have any "doubles", but I wouldn't be against it, especially if you really like the bag and it works for you!
  2. I have two Speedy's ... mono 30 and a red epi 25. I have two Balenciaga Twiggy bags .... one in white and one is rouge. I have two MJ Blake bags .... one in black and one in denim. I am very fortunate that my DH doesn't think it's a crazy idea. In fact he encourages it. He always says if you find something you really like you should get it in several colors.
  3. I can totally understand wanting more than one color of a bag you really like. It makes perfect sense to me. :yes:

    But how to explain that to a MAN? Sigh. I have NO idea! :confused1:
  4. I would LOVE to have a couple of styles in more than one color (i.e. Chanel flaps), but i'm trying to build my collection first so only one of each for now!
  5. I never bought a double & I don't think I would. Something about having another brand new design of a bag is part of the thrill for me.
  6. I do!:shame: If there is a style of the bag I LOVE and I know I'll use often - I get them in bulk!:lol: I have several speedies and noes from LV and three SPYs.:nuts:
    speedieswatermarked.jpg NOEGROUPSHOTwatermarked.jpg threespies.jpg
  7. For me, not yet! I've done this with shoes but I've been into shoes a lot longer than bags.

    I LOVE the pictures of multiples...yummy!
  8. I have 2 mono speedies, the 35 and 40. I use the 35 as an everyday bag and the 40 as a travel/weekender. I haven't had the chance to use the 40 yet but having it made me break into the 35 much easier.
  9. I have 2 Balenciaga cities: in ink and grenat and I have to stop myself not to buy another one in a different colour. Before I got bitten by the bbag bug I would have never considered to buy the same style in different colours but now...
    I know that the 2 cities will get another city sister sometime.
  10. Irene I love your madarin and graffiti speedies- gorgeous! The Toledo ble Petite Noe is great, and your SPYs are in the most beautiful colors I've ever seen! :love:
  11. I had the same Mandarina Duck bag in 3 colors. They were perfect for school.
    mandarina duck.jpg
  12. Great to see so many different opinions!
    Great pics LV_Addict. You really do love the speedys :smile: . The Spy bags are gorgeous! I guess if one has a fave style, then why not go for it.

    I think I like a certain type of style, but will maybe get different bags within that style, I think it may be more interesting than having all bags look exactly thre same. Maybe I'll get the GD in similar but slightly different styles. Not sure what I'll do yet. I need to wait a bit - have to finish back to school shopping for the kids b4 I can splurge! Besides it will give me more time to decide what I really want!
  13. I have two Chloe Paddingtons. One in Tan and a second in Whiskey. The Tan is a different style (Hobo) than the Whiskey (satchel) but I am on the hunt for another paddy satchel now in either Muscade or Taupe. I think a color determines the "personality" of a can be more casual, another more dressy, so having more than one of the same bag makes perfect sense to me, especially if you love the style and carry it often! That's my excuse anyway!! :yes: Oh, and BOOTS! If I find a style I love I'll buy it in brown and black....every time. There's a shoe outlet in S.C. that has awesome prices on shoes, mostly overstock and some customer returns that are in new condition. A few years ago I bought ten pair of the exact same Nine West boot....regularly priced $89 on sale there for $14.99. I'm still rotating them and weariing them every fall/winter....and they're still in style!

    Here are my two paddy's: :love:
  14. Well, right now the only doubles I have of anything are my paddingtons (one choco, one whiskey). I plan on getting a red bbag which will bring my me to 2 bbags. Otherwise I am content (for now) with owning only 1 of my other designer brands.

    You know who has THE most impressive collection of all time? Goldenx5! Not only does she own ever model of every brand, she has 4-10 different colors of each! Check out her bag showcase link:

    Her handbag makes me drool everytime I see it! :drool:
  15. All my bags are brown and black. I have 4 brown (mono) LV bags, 1 black coach bag, one brown coach bag, and one black balenciaga. Come summer I may venture into white ;)