Do you own more round or pointy toe?

  1. Which one do you wear the most?
  2. Ooh, that's hard for me. I wear a little of everything- pointy, round, sandals etc.
  3. More pointy toe. Just feels more chic and sexy to me.
  4. Mostly pointy toes for me
  5. Round toe for me. I have small feet and I like to show that off. Also, my favorite style of shoe is ballet flats.
  6. I used to mainly own pointy toe ones but have lately been buying a lot of round toe ones because they are just sooo much more comfy IMO
  7. round toes!!:p
  8. uh....neither...sandals EVERYDAY!! (Fl.)
  9. I always wear round toe. Pointy toes hurt my feet too badly
  10. I prefer round toe for daily use, but for nights out I tend to choose pointy ones as I think that they look sexier
  11. I dont own too many shoes, cause I love sneakers or flats. But I have more pointy.
  12. I say it is about level - love them both, not a fan of extreme pointy though - have to be great shoes to go for that one
  13. Same here:heart:
  14. Mostly pointy, I find them more sexy. I only now incorporated a few round-toes into my wardrobe.
  15. I have both. I have boots and pumps both pointed and round. The round is more comfortable, but the pointed toes look more dressed up.