Do you own Mimi sunglasses? Question....

  1. Do these glasses have a Coach logo on each temple? I just bought a pair on eBay and I'm a little concerned now that they might be damaged. I paid with a CC so I'm not freaking out or anything but any info on this is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Please disregard this thread-I posted it in the wrong place to start with and then went off on another rant about the same sort of topic anyway. I'm quite insane tonight.
  3. I just bought Mimi's from an outlet in San Juan. That was the first time I saw sunglasses in an outlet.

    I paid $79 just to give you a perspective. Why did you think they were damaged?
  4. I thought they were because of something I spotted in the listing after the auction closed and I had already paid. I thought they might be missing a Coach logo thingie on one of the earpieces but I did since correspond with the seller and she said they have both and are brand new so they should be fine. I can't wait to get them, I got them in bottle (for only $60!) and I've been dying for them in this color for ages. I'm super excited!
  5. Yea!!! What color is bottle?

    I got tortoise and my aunt got black.
  6. Bottle is green :tup: