do you own/like JPK bags?

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  1. i've never heard of this brand previously but they do look kind of cute and practical with all the pockets but i don't like the way the strap connects to the bag on the buckle :P don't buy, maintain the ban! ;)
  2. My daughter and I both have a pink one, and my other daughter has an orange one. They are wonderful bags. Grab one when Nordie's has a sale.
  3. i think the bag you showed there was cute
  4. Love the material and colors, but I have yet to find a style that appeals to me. Hopefully one day!
  5. This one us a little too busy for my taste but some are cute. Definitely wait for a Nords sale though.
  6. I got one when they were on sale and I love it.
  7. The bag is really cute...
  8. they have some blue JPKs at tj maxx...
  9. ^ Oh she goes again! :angel::devil:

    Me? I don't do nylon bags, especially at those prices.
    Cool design, though. :yes:
  10. Its a nice color.:biggrin:
  11. Talking about nylon bags, I think another of similar price range is MZ Wallace? I quite like their designs too.
  12. i like the look of the one you posted but i'm with karmen, i can't do nylon