Do you own anything by Balenciaga that isn't a bag?

  1. My sister in law couldn't fit into a Balenciaga skirt, so she gave it to me. It used to be Erin Wasson's (supermodel), and I think she wore it at the show. I KNOW it doesn't look as fab on me, but I love it anyhow :biggrin: The photo doesn't do it justice, but it's all I have. It has this great scalloped ruffle down the front of it.
    Also, apologies, I'm TOTALLY hamming in this photo, that's what a night at the theatre and wine will do to a mom.:lol:

    Thought I'd share.
    I love the house, and Ghesquière's S/S 06' dresses slayed me!!
  2. It looks fabulous on you!!!!! You are stunning. And wow, you can fit into a supermodel's skirt.
  3. :love: I love the skirt. What size is it, in case you decide not to keep it? I have a pair of Balenciaga boots:
  4. oooh pretty! Winona is that you in your avatar?

    I have a pair of the white balanciaga Cargo pants and a tan balenciaga mini
  5. i have the famous black motorcycle jacket in black leather with wool collar that was in all the magazines and runway about 3 years ago. still a classic and gets me alot of compliments in paris boutiques. and the leather keeps getting better with age! it was very stiff and heavy when it was new. i felt like robo-cop....
  6. I love all the pieces you are mentioning!! (except I haven't seen the tan mini) Varsha, Yes, that's me in the avatar, I LOVE the dress I'm wearing in it. It makes me happy just to see it, so I use it as the avatar.

    Susan, there isn't a size tag but it's a 2 for sure. I almost bought those boots on eBay!!
  7. Now I'm not only jealous that you have the skirt, but that you can fit into a size 2, esp. a Balenciaga 2 which is more like a zero (can you hear me sobbing?)
  8. I have the boots from last season...they are them..
  9. I'm a 4 in "bottom-wear" due to my...bottom... but this skirt is high waisted so there is give. I doubt I'll let it go though. It's a nice piece. ;)
  10. That's amazing!

    Yes, I have a ton of Balenciaga clothing.............. it's just as bad as my bag obsession :lol: :love:
  11. ^ Pictures, Mimi darling, pictures! [​IMG]
  12. ^ haha! oh man... let's see, I'll try and get some for you. hehe.
  13. oooooo yes, photo's!!
  14. Yes, I have a black A-line skirt that has buttons up the side, and a long sleeve black knit top. I also have a pair of navy blue flat sandals from Balenciaga (different season).
  15. The skirt looks beautiful on you! Just lovely!