Do you own any non-designer/non high-end bags?

  1. Hi.

    I'm new to the site. I am indeed a purse lover but I'll admit there isn't a bag in my "collection" that exceeds 85 bucks. I am a college student 20 yrs young, with a small min. wage job on weekends. The majority of my money goes towards saving for tuition, food and clothes--bare necessities. I see many of you, well most of you are into LV, Gucci, Fendi and other major high-end designer bags. Well do any of you own bags of the total opposite....lets say...Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Steve Madden, Baby Phat---brands of that caliber? Let's go a little lower Payless purses, Walmart purses:oh: ? Or are you simply only into high-end bags?
  2. Sesrup:

    There are many of us here who don't own a single LV, Chanel or YSL. It's fun obsessing about those bags - but my most expensive bag cost about $400 and I even agonized over that purchase. Personnally, I love shopping the end-of-the-season sales at Saks - especially once things get down to 50% off the already marked-down price! I think you'll find that the PF is a great source of info on great bags at all prices. Check out some of the threads on great summer bags under $150.
  3. The only "high-end" purses I own are all Coach and many of the members here dont even consider that designer, so yeah. Id say I dont own any high end designer purses. I would love to but I'm in college too and I only work in the summers, which doesnt bring in much anyway. Also, I have a lot of cheap bags from prior to my joining the forum (from Charlotte Russe, Claires, Target, etc).
  4. I have 2 Guess bags and 2 aldo bags, plus one from the Bay (Canadian thing haha).

    I also have two designer bags - the Dior Gaucho and LV Papillon.

    I'm not sure if I would buy another non-designer bag though... Unless something really caught my eye, probably not. I think now I'd rather save my money and get something high end rather than 4 or 5 guess bags.
  5. Oh! Actually I just recently bought a non-designer purse by JP Lizzy. Hey, if its cute and not a knock-off, I dont care who makes it. I like it, I'm getting it.
  6. what color Aldo Bbag did you get ?

  7. All I only is Coach, the most expensive is $348.00. I would love to get a LV or Chanel one day....maybe soon!! But I also own a Tommy Hilifiger, Liz Claiborne, & Fossil. So, I'm like abandonimages if I like it I'm gonna get it & it's a plus if it's a great price.
  8. That's ALL I own! :lol: Still wishing to hit the lottery!!!!!
  9. oh why yes, just look at my collection in the showcase. I buy bags I like, and most designer bags I find ugly and not in the least desirable (Chanel, Gucci...) or hilariously overpriced although nice to look at(Hermes). I have bags from H&M, selfmade bags, and middle expensive ones like Bree and Goldpfeil (which some would maybe consider "high end" already), some vintage ones...I cannot get myself to like a bag just because it is a brand.
  10. I love the bag in your avatar!! I want a bag that's that shape exactly. I found one by LAPA but no one has commented my thread about them.
  11. it's from Goldpfeil. I have no idea if they are available in the U.S.?
  12. I like all bags , no matter the price
  13. Yes, dear. I bought one blue sac , dont know what brand from seaworld to put some stuff in. One pink crabtree and evelyn tote cost 50 AUD I bought few months ago as my ferragamo fabric bag straps yet again and didnt have any bag large enough for a nappy bag. (Oh I did have a large black dior one my mum gave me 7 years ago but I am not into dior really).
  14. I've got quite a few, and they're from Le Sport Sac (I get a ton of compliments on that one), Stone Mountain, L.L. Bean...etc.

    I sold designer bags at one time (LV, BV, Chanel, Prada...and the like), and I can honestly say that price does NOT equal quality, and designer does NOT mean better. A lot of designer stuff is simply junk, and yet it sells. You wouldn't believe how often us sales associates would just shake our head after making a sale. We couldn't believe the bag sold, and sold at a high price.