Do you own any jewelry from Tiffany's?

  1. It is my fave jeweler. My husband bought my diamond necklace there and most recently, a diamond band to go with my wedding ring.
  2. Yes, quite a bit and because I am home from work today, I shall make a list!


    Sterling silver cube studs
    Sterling silver Elsa Peretti bean studs
    Sterling silver Elsa Peretti Full Heart studs
    Sterling silver small bamboo hoops

    For the wrists:

    Extra small round Atlas watch in white gold (this model is no longer made)
    Sterling silver beaded bracelet


    Silver Atlas choker
    Silver Sevillana pendant on black silk cord
    Small silver Open Heart pendant
    Silver 5 Open Heart necklace
    Another silver heart cutout pendant on a silver neck wire
    Silver Elsa Peretti Apple pendant.

    Whew. I'm actually not a huge fan of Tiffany anymore- for simple silver designs, I prefer Adina. But I seem to get a lot of Tiffany things as gifts, and I'm certainly not going to complain :lol:
  3. OMG I have tonnnssss of stuff!!! I still love their silver pieces as well:smile:
  4. Two silver bracelets
    Diamond Victoria tennis bracelet (my love!)]
    Diamond victoria pendant with 1/2 carat RB underneath
  5. Return to Tiffanys heart tag I might sell or pass down to my youngest cousin.

    Elsa Peretti mini mini starfish w/o diamond. I got the diamond one first, but I like it without it better, wearing it right now!

    I've just started my Tiffany's collection. But I'm trying to buy one or two pieces at a time, so I will enjoy the whole buying experience more and more often :smile: my next will be the simple pendant for 100 so I can put a charm next to it and the Tiffany Rose Ring. I have a whole little list planned so I hope to update with this thread!
  6. i have a few tiffany pieces :

    1) tank watch with leather strap
    2) ss heart charm bracelet
    3) ss bean necklace

    and also, gave out ss gifts for our wedding entourage years ago!
  7. I love Tiffany! Most of my jewelry collection is from there (grouped by collection/designer)::love:

    Wedding stuff:
    1. Engagement ring - traditional solitaire in platinum
    2. Platinum knife edge wedding band
    3. Channel set diamond eternity band

    Paloma Picasso collection:
    4. Paloma Picasso loving heart gold bracelet
    5. Paloma Picasso loving heart gold earrings
    6. Paloma Picasso daisy necklace

    Atlas collection:
    7. Atlas silver rings - I have 3 of them! 1 narrow, 1 wide, and 1 triple stripe

    Peretti collection:
    8. Elsa Peretti bean necklace in silver - 3 of them! One mini, one small on chains, and one medium on a wire
    9. Elsa Peretti "initial" necklace
    10. Elsa Peretti sterling bean ring
    11. Elsa Peretti 5 -charm sterling bracelet
    12. Elsa Peretti sterling eternal circle (large) on a silk cord

    Basic Tiffany collection:
    13. Tiffany heart tag sterling bracelet
    14. Tiffany "signature" "X" ring

    Not really jewelry, but our silver serving pieces are from the Tiffany bamboo collection... I love it! Very zen like.

    Yikes!! Had no idea how much I had till I started typing!! :shame:
    No wonder DH doesn't want me to buy more from there! I am hoping to get some pieces from the new Frank Gehry collection though!
  8. I have this necklace


    I want the matching earrings!


    Or bracelet.

  9. Yes, the mesh ring that everyone ripped off, not the new curved style, the flat one, the starfish necklace with diamond and the elsa cross

    I want stuff from Frank Gehrys new line
  10. ^^ I just got the necklace, couldnt rock the one with the diamond, so i exchanged for one without. You'll love it! Cute and understated. I want some of Gehrys stuff too, the chains are out of my price range, but I definetly want some from this line.
  11. ^ I love the colours in this ring & the necklace is funky