Do you own any bags from designers who were inspired by other designers?

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  1. I have a Christian Siriano bag I had gotten from Payless on a outing one day! It's really cute, nice everyday bag. I'm almost positive it's inexpensive version of the Michael Kors Jetset double zip bag. It looks almost identical except names are changed. So you have any bags like this. I see a lot of smaller designers doing this now. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Yes. I own the Michael Kors mini Collette. I chose this over the Celine Nano because of a) the color and b) the price. It also didn't look as robot-esque, and the handles fold down.

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  3. It's very cute! I really love the color. I have a nano, got it as a gift. It holds a lot despite its size!
  4. The MK version of your bag is actually based off of a Prada version. MK is known for mirroring a lot of designs.

    I have a Tory Burch that's similar to another Prada bag, but the size wasn't available from Prada at the time. I also have a gifted Kate Spade bag that's similarly shaped to a Givenchy bag.
  5. I don't know any thing about the Prada version of my bag. Never seen it at a Prada boutique, Neimans, or Saks. It reminds me of Celine which is why I bought it.

    I'm also very aware that the Michael Michael Kors handbags mirror other designs. So do a lot of other labels. For some reason, this label gets called out more than others. Personally, I don't care. I bought the bag because I liked the color, price point, and function. Spending thousands on something that I see as trendy is not something that appeals to me. In all honesty, I don't really see anything new from most of these design houses except for Givenchy. While their bags are not my style, I appreciate the unique shapes and silhouettes.
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  6. I think Rebecca Minkoff is as "inspired by..." as it gets, if not counting MK (the ultimate copycat). I own one bag from RM, the Mini MAB Side Zip Tote, which is alot like the little Bal Papier. I bought it because I need to try if the style is something that I might like, just in case one day I wake up and I HAVE TO HAVE the Bal.
  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I have these that are Birkin inspired I suppose. Yet there are premiere brands I have and have seen inspired pieces and that's ok with me
    I like the look of the LV yet found another look alike that I would maybe go for [​IMG][​IMG]
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  8. Oh god yes. Michael Kors is the king of inspired bags. I've seen bags that look like Givenchy, LV , Celine , Chanel , the list goes on. They make a lot of money that way because it's the same design for a cheaper price. Smart but rude at the same time.
  9. The only one I can think of right now, is my Ralph Lauren Newbury double zip tote. It's very reminiscent of Prada, especially with the saffiano leather. I bought it because I loved the lavender color, and because I was killing time at TJ Maxx while my boyfriend at the time was next door at Home Depot :graucho:. In general I try not to buy inspired designs, it's not really that I find anything "wrong" with it, it just makes me self conscious for some reason. For example, even though I own a lot of Rebecca Minkoff bags, I try and stick to her more original designs, such as the MAC, MAB, and 5 zips, rather than her designs that (imo) are way too close to Chanel or Balenciaga. ​
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  10. I was at TJMaxx one day and saw this tote by BCBG. Once I got it home I realized that it was inspired by the Valentino Rockstud totes. It kind of turned me off. I still use it on occasion but more like just going to be pool and stuff. I know it's not a "fake" but it just kind of feels like that to me.

  11. Its a cute bag though!
  12. I think honestly with the second hand market being so large these days I think almost any bag I've seen that I've liked I'd rather save up the money and buy it then a cheap version. That being said buying a RM or a mk bag inspired by another designer is quite a bit different then going to zara or h&m and buying an inspired version. MMK might not be the most well liked among wealthy bag aficionados but among the average person a MK bag is often times a bigger status symbol then some higher end brands, especially depending on where you live. I'm from a small town and when I would go home to visit my mom and we'd go out she'd get way more compliments on her Michael Kors bag then I would on my dior. And with these contemporary-esque brands like kate spade and rebecca minkoff and mmk you're still buying into part of the luxury fashion world, it's not valentino but you're still buying into something with a bit more of a heritage and philosophy then just being a company that churns out clothes and bags for the sake of it.
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  13. I'm too from a small town and I move to a bigger but still small town and I own higher end bags and I never get compliments on them really. However I've worn a MK out and everyone like you said always compliments.
  14. I have a MK sutton satchel that having purchased realised it is 'inspired' by Prada. But the quality is good enough for me and the price reasonable. Plus I really do use it very regularly and the more I use and look at it the more I love it. Came across the Prada original a few weeks ago and it just looks plastic to me, no offence to Prada lovers. I wish I like the Prada more but sadly I don't.
  15. The MAB is actually inspired by the Balenciaga Metro. The MAC and 5-Zip are definitely original, though. RM is literally becoming the female version of "Michael Kors" now. If Kors is the "king" of knocking off other designers, might as well pass the "Queen" title to RM herself. She even went as far as making an exact dupe of the Balenciaga City/First/Hip with her absolutely hideous "Regan" bags. I cringe every time I see them in the stores.

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