Do you own a white bag?

  1. Lately I have been drawn to white bags. They have always been a no-no for me, but I think this year it might be time to get one.

    Just wondering if any of you own a white bag and how hard is it to clean?
  2. I don't have a pure white bag. I have a Marc Jacobs Stam in White Chiffon, which is off white, kind of cream. I haven't worn it yet.

    I have always stayed away from white bags. It has to be the perfect bag or they look cheesy, in my opinion. I really want to buy a white bag this year, though. I think something more on the casual side, but not sure. I worry about keeping them clean and really white, too. I am curious to hear from others who have and wear white bags on a regular basis.
  3. I have a few white bags, one is actually called "chalk" and it was Banana Republic's line last spring. I was told that they used the same leather as Prada, and I was very impressed by the quality. It wasn't too badly priced at $178! I wore it one with a pair of dark denim jeans and the denim wore off on the color, I thought it would be a disaster, but it cleaned off nicely and the bag looks great! It think white bags are very chic!
  4. I just bought a white handbag, Juliana Jabour, last week. My first white bag! :wlae: I'm also curious on how I should care for it. What type of leather cleaner should I use? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I think they're beautiful but a huge no way for me...I'm much to clumsy for them!
  6. I have a white bag I've been carrying for my everyday for some time. I put a few coats of Wilson's TLC on it and no problems here!
  7. I have a white chanel bag. If you take care of it regularly it's not so hard to keep clean. I alway spray my light bags with a water/dirt protection spray. It really helps to keep her clean and whipe off some light dirt.
    I think a white bag is a must in the summer! ;)
  8. I have a white D&G bag and it is a rather large one but I love it. Everything fits there and then some. I actually have used it so many times even though when I bought it I was worried about it being white. And before that I had gotten a small white patent leather Miu-Miu and I love that one too. I agree with "hollywould", white bags are very chic!
  9. I have a white Balenciaga ... I no longer use it because it's turned yellow-ish.... Would be great to get advice. Thanks!
  10. my first thought was no, but then again, i remember i have 2 white bags, one anna sui and one vintage chanel drawstring bag.
    but i don't really use them, it's still stored in a box at my parent's house :p
  11. I have a bunch of white bags of various shades, including one patent. Love 'em! They go with everything and look so chic and clean, even (especially) in winter.
  12. I have one white bag that works for me...the andrea brueckner medium saddle bag. The leather is VERY durable and for some reason just does not get dirty very easily...any stain or mark I can simply wipe off with water! I also have a cheaper leather bag that I got at TJMAXX in white, but it is def. been my "throw around white bag"!
  13. I have an off-white MJ and a white patent YSL Tribute bag. I'm really cautious about wearing them because I want them to always look pristine and new. I save them for certain outfits and do not wear them as everyday bags.
  14. I don't think I have ever seen a white bag that does not look dirty. In Florida a few of my friends had beautiful white bags but problem with color rub on them of if they set them down once they got dirty. Not to mention that one stain that you can't get rid of. My sister bought the most beautiful off white small leather tote at the outlets in Orlando. I forgot the designer but it was on sale just under $1,0000. She had it for a few months and got a pen mark on the outside-ruined the bag. I myself could not waste so much on a bag and feel it could be damaged so easily. I like the jewel colors.
  15. :love:I own a cream bag, but I don't carry it all the time. But it is beautiful.