Do you own a Treesje Asher satchel?

  1. I'm thinking of buying the Asher in either black or blue and would love to see non-retailer pictures! Please share yours here. Thanks!
  2. I don't have one but I just googled it. Lovely bag, and not horrifically expensive either.
  3. It's beautiful isn't it, heather 123?

    Does no one own this lovely bag?
  4. Someone should post a pic! Makes it easier to comment on the topic! :flowers:
  5. Photos ganked off LunaBoston:

    Asher in Black:

    Asher in Blue:
  6. Here's a modeling pic. I really love this bag.
  7. Thanks, clutch12! The colour of the blue in your picture looks deeper and more muted than the picture I posted. Which one is truer to life?
  8. I think the one you posted is closer. It's a really vibrant cobalt blue. The product pictures are usually best (except for white or cream bags with a white background - those are tough). It's harder to get the color just right in a modeling shot.

    The bag is just lovely IRL. We sold out immediately in our shop and are awaiting a new shipment.
  9. So do I! Someone posted about braided handle bags and I saw it there for the first's got enough detail to be interesting without overwhelming.

    riceandsoup, which color are you considering?
  10. Don't forget the yellow and the white! Those are really great as well. I'm really into the yellow color.
  11. i have a gold one, it has a lovely shimmer. but, i haven't used it yet..super light.
  12. oops, i'm not sure if i attached the photo in my previous post. here you go...
  13. I'm leaning towards the blue, but the black would be lovely to have as I'm on the hunt for a black bag too. I couldn't possibly get both now, could I? :graucho:
  14. Yours is gorgeous, iluvapples123! Love the sheen on it. When you say super light, do you mean its weight?

    Also, I'm wondering, that curved zipper on the bottom - where does it go? It seems a little small for a pocket.
  15. yes, when i said it is a really light bag, i mean in terms of weight.

    the curved zipper is actually a "fake pocket," the zipper does work, but there is no pocket. so, you can unzip it, but it is sewn shut.

    the best part of this bag is the braided handle,it's so pretty.

    i hope this helps! best of luck.