Do you own a patent Tribeca???

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  1. If so, do you love it/like it/hate it? I SO want to find a berry colored one.
    Anyone see those at the outlets? If not, what would be a reasonable price to pay to buy one off of ebay?

    I love the look/simplicity/tote shape of this bag so just wondering what others that have used it day in and day out say about it....are the straps durable? does it hold its shape?
  2. I'm in this club.
    Antique gold tote.
    But, it's brand new, not even a week, so I can't comment on durability, shape, etc.

    Some people have had issues with cracking.
    I'm taking my chances.

    Didn't see berry at my outlet (my outlet sux though!).
    To give you an idea, with 20% coupon the totes were about $92 at the outlet.
    Seems like you can snag them on ebay for $120 - $140, which isn't too too bad!

    Good luck!
  3. I have the berry patent tote and I love it. It's VERY roomy, light, and easy to maintain. I used mine to DEATH during my last semester of college (used it as my everyday purse in conjunction with a larger school bag). It's been through rain, sun, extreme cold, being set on the ground (gasp! haha) and pretty much anything else. It's been stuffed full, tossed to the side, etc. It's held up VERY well.

    Sometimes the chains on the straps can get slightly tangled, but nothing frustrating...takes a couple of seconds to adjust.

    It isn't an extremely structured bag. Your stuff will stay put and it doesn't get messy or jumbled, but the bag itself is very soft and will "puddle" a bit when you set it down or if it's empty.

    My fiance's mom has the same tote in black signature and she has used it everyday since...September? Her bag has held up very well and she seems to love it. She's the type to buy one signature Coach bag and use it for a few years (until she got the Tribeca, she had a Signature Stripe Tote that she bought in 2006 and that was her everyday purse).

    Feel free to ask any other questions! I think this is probably my favorite Coach bag I have ever owned.
  4. I have seen a couple berry totes at the outlet when Xmas shopping, but opted for the Sand pebbled leather. Since it's patent, I'd imagine it'd hold it's shape!
  5. I just purchased my antique gold Tribeca and love it. It probably isn't as structured as most would like, but I can't get enough of her. While I respected others decision to buy her, I didn't quite understand what all the hype was about. NOW I KNOW!!! Initially the color won me over, but after I loaded her up, she was a must have! I love my Tatoo Tote and she is very close to it. In a nutshell, I LOVE, LOVE THIS BAG!
  6. I love love love my Tribeca tote! It's so beautiful yet so functional and durable. I was able to score the N/S tote in berry at the outlets the week of Thanksgiving, but haven't seen them at the outlet since. However, I still see some Tribeca in the boutiques and I have seen them on sale at Macy's, but not recently. I hope you are able to get one. These bags are fabulous!