Do you own a Dooney?


Do you own any Dooney bags

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  1. I've seen lots of women on the street carry Dooney and Coach, and think that many middle income people do carry these bags, in larger numbers than those who carry LV or other more exclusive designer brands.

    So this is a complete anonymous poll. If you own a Dooney, vote yes. If not, say no.
  2. Nope but want one, but there are no Dooney stockists in the UK.
  3. One lonely barrel bag from the Nile collection. I love it because it is so understated. Dark brown crock.....
  4. I have looked at them, but I never seem to find anything from them that I truly love....
  5. Yes I have one but I rarely use it...only when I dont want people asking questions about my LV lol
  6. Yup! Here she is:
  7. yep, i love the multicolored zipper. i have a tartan, square heart and a signature DB.
  8. I ordered a D&B bag last night and I'm not ashamed to admit it :lol: .
  9. Yes! I own several Dooney's and I love them all. I don't particularly care for the colorful ones (a little too young for my taste). However, I did order a Giant Anniversary Sac that I carried this past winter (I live in MI) can let the snow and salt ruin my Gucci! LOL

    I think their All Weather Leather is very good quality, especially for everyday.
  10. I LOVE that Croc stuff!!!
    I just bought a Zip around Wallet. I had one awhile back and was so sorry I sold it. It was the best wallet I ever had so I got another one.
  11. I have many and love them as much as my Gucci's or LV's. :heart:
  12. I have the Medium Sak, the Giant Sak, and I have a double-pocket tote done in the Vintage leather. I love it!

    I also carry a D&B wallet and make-up bag.
  13. No, I used to have one, but I sold it. I do think Dooney has some nice bags, though.
  14. Yes, I have one.
  15. That^^ is gorgeous :nuts: