Do you own a Burberry Quilted jacket?

  1. Just curious how many of you own a Burberry Quilted jacket? I own a Burberry Lancing Quilted jacket (with the bottons) the Constance comes with the snaps and I absolutely LOVE about you? I have had mine for 4 years now, and it is as good as the 1st day I bought it! Also, looks great when I am carrying my large Burberry tote!!! Gotta :heart: Burberry!!!
  2. Yep, I have 2 of them...I love it! I wear it everywhere. :yes:
  3. i have the newer one with the belt !
  4. I have the newer one with a belt in black, and I also received the turquoise one as a gift.
  5. I have a fitted one with the snaps - it's cute! Perfect for fall weather. The quality is only so-so though - I've had mine for a year, and there's some pilling on the cuffs and a couple of loose threads in the quilting.
  6. I don't own one but would love to... if Burberry ever makes them in petite sizes. :sad:
  7. Hi. I just ordered a Burberry quilted Constance Jacket off of ebay. It's black. I know there's a lot of questions whether or not a Burberry item is real or not...unfortunately I wanted to add myself to this list and thought I'd start by asking all of you who own one of these jackets.

    The tags look good, buttons, shape, sizing, everything (I've inspected quite a few of these in the store before purchasing to avoid any doubt) and the only thing I'm concerned about is that the inner lining of the jacket, which is signature plaid, has black threads forming "diamond" shapes throughout. i can't go back to the seller's original posting because it's been deleted, but I feel like all the ones I've seen in the stores and online have white stitching. Can someone please confirm what color the stitching is on the Black Constance Jacket? I'd really appreciate it.

    P.S. This item came in a sealed Burberry plastic bag with a Burberry gift bag...if that helps to authenticate.
  8. I have the Lancing verison with the buttons, not the snaps. Post this question again on the authenticate section and see if we can't and a link to the eBay auction will help too!!!
  9. I only have 1 but I love it. It's been 3 years and I am thinking of getting another one
  10. I have a white one, it is long and very fitted. I love it!
  11. I am 30 and I want to get one but my dh said it's too mature for me. Could someone around here pls assure me that that is not the case.
  12. Totally not the case. I think the quilted coat is a timeless piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe, your DH does not what he talking about. I am 27 I have one & wear it with jeans all the time.

  13. Thank you. I liked the quilted jacket b/c it's so timeless too.
  14. yes- in white. I LOVE it. :heart:

    My mom loved it so much that she went out and got one too!
  15. I just bought one - I am usually a size 6 and this so was SNUG on me! I have to get a larger size. Is Burberry usually inconsistent with their sizing?