Tech Do you own a Bluetooth?

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  1. Owned 2 but just gave them all away...

    I have "SYNC" now and really do talk hands free with voice command.
  2. love Plantronics. the sound is clear and it'll auto pair with your phone after turn it on each day. best of all, i can attach a clasp and hook to my cell strap or purse.

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  3. I have quite a few blue tooth, got the jawbone II before which was great, a stereo headset with mic one, and an itech blue pointer which got flash light, laser pointer, and blue tooth headset all in one which I found to be the best value.
  4. I had a motorola earpiece and HATED it. When I bought my car I chose one that had the bluetooth integrated in it and when I turn the car on it automatically syncs with my phone without me having to take it out of my purse. My husband has the motorola headphones that go around the back of his head for when he goes to the gym. Just a couple of different options depending on what you want to use it for.
  5. I once had the motorola headset which truly sucked, I got it free with one of my mobile phones. Just can't get used to having that big thing in my ear.

    However, I've been using thing product for a year now..

    I think it's great because it has ear buds instead of a big thing around your ear, you can use it as headphones at the gym + bluetooth headset when you are driving and when you get a phone call while at the gym, it just pauses the music and you can talk on it.

    I have a sony ericsson phone so I'm not sure if it's compatable with other brands.