Tech Do you own a Bluetooth?

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  1. Once upon a time ago I had a Bluetooth, but didn't use it as much. I had a Motorola one, it was one of the cheaper ones. It wans't all that great, static, and didn't stay on my ear well.

    Anyways, I'm looking to purchase a new Bluetooth, but am unsure of which one to purchase. I was looking at a few of them and came across Aliph Jawbone. I've read good and bad reviews on this handsfree bluetooth but am unsure if I should take the plunge and purchase it. Afterall, it is a bit pricy.

    Soooo do you own a Bluetooth? If so, do you like it? Would you recommend it to anyone? What are the pros and cons?

    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. I use Nokia bluetooth because I'm using Nokia phone and I got if for cheap. It was so-so and sometimes the voice quality is pretty bad on the other end. My friend uses Jawbone(not sure which model) and it works great!! She has it for ~1.5yr now. Sometimes there are pretty good deals on Jawbone(still more expensive than others), but I guess it's worth it if it's good.

    For me, since I'm in CA, it's kinda a necessity to have a bluetooth to use when driving because of the new law. The pro for me is it's easier when you need both of your hands and on the phone at the same time. Cons is sometimes it hurts my ear if it dangles there for some time.
  3. Yes, I have a moto bluetooth headset as well as a Blue Ant BT for the car.
  4. Yep I have one, my husbands work as always had a handsfree policy so when he had to get one for work a few years back he decided that I needed one. I have a Plantronics 855, which can also be used as headphones. My husband has the same one and a Jawbone. He really likes the sound on the jawbone but hates how easy it is to accidentally hang up on people.
  5. Just to be a smart ass...they're bluetooth headsets/ear phones. Bluetooth is a wireless technology, not the actual product.

    Back on topic, the Jawbone is supposed to be one of the better brands out there. You can find deals for under 50 bucks, sometimes 30, if you're patient.
  6. ^^ Thanks, Charles!

    Yep, I have a headset (required when driving in WA state too), a small Motorola. It does a pretty good job, but shhhh, I don't always use it 100% of the time! Hmmm, this thread was a good reminder to charge it up and take it out!
  7. LOL. Thanks, I'm such a ditz! I didn't even realize that, but in reality I did know. I have no idea what was going through my mind. hehehe.

    Anyways, $30-$50!? That's a steal. I was thinking of purchasing one for $100 +!
  8. I have a Moto earpiece that I never use because it makes me feel ridiculous. But, my phone is paired with the car, so I use the hands-free there when I drive.
  9. I do, but it just sits in a little Wedgwood saucer gathering dust.

    I got it a few years ago when they were the raw bleeding edge and I still had a smoosh of discretionary income, but I was too ignorant - and of course the sales oaf didn't tell me, if he even knew, that they are not really suitable for use indoors, in a small space, where it is difficult to ever NOT be "too close" to things like computers and satellite receivers, so the static and interference makes it virtually unusable.

    Maybe the technology has improved since then. If so, AND if T-Mobile wants to give me a free one along with my free phone next upgrade time, I'll take it and say "thank you."
  10. Motorola H270 - inexpensive, stays charged, good vloume, and connects well to my iphone.... once I figured out how to connect correctly....
    Use it everyday, all day.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up Charles...I was very confused when I read the title and was fixin to write "my laptop has bluetooth if that's what you mean??"
  12. I have the Aliph Jawbone 1 - it's great. I just broke the ear hook so I need to replace it.
  13. My dad gave me his, for some reason I can't get it sync at all. The blue light flashes but that's it. I did turn the bluetooth on my phone though (LG Shine) but the phone can't locate it. BTW, the brand is called Plantronics. And like ShimmaPuff, it's just hanging on its charger gathering dust. :sad: