Do you own a B-bag that you love but....

  1. are afraid to wear it because it is so "perfect". I am struggling right now with a few in my collection. I do not wear them but I can't bear to let them go. Can anyone relate?? One of mine is my 04 Anis Twiggy. It is in mint condition but I never reach for it. The Juane Twiggy always gets picked over it.
  2. i'm not really like this with my bbags, but maybe because i haven't found a "holy grail" bag i'd love to stay mint forever. i like the broken-in, casual feel of my bags and i'm trying to break in a new Day. maybe if i got my hands on some '05 leather and find out what everyone's so crazy about.

    but i'm like this with my bottegas. :smile:
  3. Becca, I used to be like this with my coloured bags, so now I have a Black bbag that I use EVERY day, and another black one on the way.

    I think I will stick to dark colours if I can help it - takes the worry out of ruining them.

    I think the main issue is that its an 04 bag and you want to keep it spick and span... but I guess you also need to enjoy it too?
  4. I try to stick to darker colors like Fashion cult had mentioned above... but, for the amount of $$ we drop into our purse collections... I want to "use" & enjoy them too. But, I have pre-treated & protected all my bBags before taking them out with "for handles only & Pro-treatment". Takes off some of the worry knowing you protected it as much as you could....:yes:
  5. I have one that I can't use yet because my hubby doesn't realize it's in the house ;) (Come on, how often do you see a blue india day NEW at Neiman Marcus?!) The only reason he would even notice is because blue is his favorite color and he compliments anything blue I own... so I have been using my RT Day non stop. I certainly love using it, however I don't think I would have been able to had someone not used it before me. (Bought second hand.) I'm still extremely careful, but I always have been with my bags, so I guess it's nothing new. I don't think I could justify keeping a bag I didn't use... :shrugs:
  6. i did that for a couple of weeks after i first got my holy grail 04' lilac first, then i came to the conclusion that what's the point of getting this if i wasn't going to enjoy it? so i use it whenever i can all the while keeping it looking great with lots of spa days with LMB products. i don't think i'll ever have the self-discipline to not use a bag, even if it's the most perfect dream bag of mine.
  7. I have spent the last 12 months scaling down an out of control collection. I had to cull bags with no emotion attached. Now I plan on enjoying each and every bag. I also have "this thing" with Day bags. I love the look of them on everyone else, but they look a bit drab on me. I always get suckered into buying one with the hope "oh this colour will look much better on me" or "maybe the giant day will sit better on me as it's more structured..." There is no hope for me and the Day style, yet I have my moments of weakness when someone convinces me it will look good on me...I can finally admit I am getting stronger and I am very selective as to which Bbags I buy...Poor Erica from hgbags must get so frustrated with me!
  8. Ya know...I consistently find that I reach for the darker colors my black city, aqua city & violet twiggy. The others just aren't getting used!!!!
  9. Like everyone else, I tend to just use my bbags but side more with darker colours. I don't own any that are pastel/white/pale looking.

    Also I think for the price tag, these bags need to just be used and abused so to speak. The more they are used, the better they look anyway. The main thing is I am careful where I put them down and avoid them getting wet in the rain by holding it closer under an umbrella.
  10. I think bag's 'fulfill their destiny' by being used and enjoyed :smile: ... especially ones that cost as much as Bbags
  11. I used to do that, but then I figured we only live once! Carry the bags you love, enjoy them, there yours! :yes:
    I'm extra careful with my favorites, but I get them out there!
    We have to............. there is so much more pleasure in having that bag on your arm :heart:or seeing it sitting in the passenger seat of your car, than there is just looking at its dustcover when you get dressed in the morning!
  12. I was like that with my 04 turquoise First. The color was lovely, the leather was lovely, but I just never wore it. I don't understand why, the color is one of my favourites but it was just so light and fragile looking. I paid a huge premium for it last year, in the middle of the craze where you saw bags sell for unbelievably high prices, and then I thought of how much money I spent and how the bag would get dirty the first time I wore it.... Then I didn't even want to look at it because it would remind me that I overspent and didn't even wear it.
    After having it for a whole year, I gave it to a friend to test drive it, she loved it and now she wants to buy it!
    This bag was a big lesson. No matter how much you love a color/style, you have to think about it and look at many pics of others wearing that same bag so you can make a good decision.
  13. ^^^ Like danae, I paid crazy dollars for an 04 eggplant City last year but find myself never really using it because it is so fragile, especially the tassels. It isn't as thought the eggplant doesn't go with my wardrobe, but it is the first time I paid such a high premium and the leather, although soft and silky, feels "vulnerable". Although I have since paid even higher premiums to resellers for Hermes (Birkins), they don't have the same fragility as this particular 04 eggplant, and I don't have quite the same reluctance to use them. Except for this ostrich Birkin I just got...
  14. I still haven't carried my beloved Tomato City..
  15. I've so been there...I had a gorgeous gorgeous rouge vif work that I sold because as much as I loved it, I never wore it...I feared it staining esp. on the corners...I finally sold it as I had a smaller styled rouge I am struggling w/that one as well.... Also, I had my holy grail in my hands, an eggplant purse but the guilt of owning something like that w/o being able to use it...and like Roxanne's it seemed "fragile" and I was afraid to use it, so I sold that one too. A Brand new beautiful sky blue 05 I sold because I was afraid to get it dirty too..(i think sometimes I regret that one...esp. since I wanted that one after I saw another tPFer's broken in one that still looked fabulous faded and all...)
    I am trying my best to stay away from the new pinks and lighter blues as I am afraid of the same things happening...(we'll see how long I can do this before I succumb to one of the gorgeous 08s). If I fall in love w/EB when I see it IRL, it would solve this problem since it looks to be a darker color.