Do you order different things at restaurants?

  1. This is one of those things that seems real normal to me, but I'm not sure if most people do this. When you go to a restaurant, do you have a specific thing you get at that restaurant or do you get different things each time? Examples (places I go and what I get): Oriental Express: Spicy Chicken Cathy's Wok: Sesame Chicken Ho-Ho China: Kung Pao Chicken Wendy's: #6 Chili's: Chicken Pita Butcher Shop: Hamburger The idea is that for every restaurant I go to, I always get the same thing at that restaurant. If it's a new place, it may take me a couple of trips to find something I really like, but once I do I'm set for life. Anyone else do this, or is it always different?
  2. When I eat out, I usually look for duck on the menu. If they don't have that, I'll go for the chicken.
  3. I have favorites at the restaurants I go to, but I always make a point to try something new every once in awhile...I may ask the server "I always get x and love it...any suggestions on something similar?"
  4. This might sound strange, but it depends on how hungry I am. If I'm starving I'll get what I usually order, but if I'm not that hungry I'll usually try something new. This way, if what I order turns out to be bad, I don't have to leave hungry or order something else.
  5. I'm kind of the same way. For me it also depends on what kind of a mood I'm in, i.e.: whether or not I need something "comforting" that I know and love or if I'm "up for something new."
  6. my hubby and I eat out a lot and have favorates at all our placs we dine. Totally common.
  7. It depends; the restaurants that SO and I frequent most often are the ones that change their menus quite often, usually just leaving a few of their customer favorites constant. At mainstream restaurants I tend to lean towards the same thing though!
  8. I've been noticing a pattern in what I eat:

    chicken. chicken. chicken. chicken.

    I never though I really liked chicken meat that much but I guess I do.
    It's like everytime I go out to eat (which is at least once a week), I get something involving a chicken.
  9. If we're going to a new restaurant, I'd pick whatever appeals me the most from their regular menu. Once we've been there several times, I'd start paying attention to their "today's specials". If they don't have specials or the items of the day that I like, I may get several appetizers for myself.
  10. I do the same thing! Once I find something that I love, it's hard for me to switch over. Boring me! ;)
  11. We go out to eat about twice a week and we stay away from franchise restaurants. And, we like to try something new most of the time. It's fun!
  12. Rusty Alex I am just like you! When I find an entree I really like at a restaurant I will always order that. Nothing else! Usually when I go to a favorite restaurant of mine it’s because I have a craving for whatever it is I order there, so of course I’m not going to order anything else because I need to satisfy my craving. Also I am always too scared to try something new in fear I won’t like it. I just stick to what I know I like and am always completely satisfied.

    Mmm right now I am craving tofu pad thai from a local Thai restaurant. I always have to order the tofu paid thai because it is insanely good. I’ve never ordered anything else there besides appetizers. :p
  13. I think I usually end up ordering the same things. I want to try something new, but I'm worried I won't like it and will end up hungry and unsatisfied.