Do you open gifts on Xmas Eve

We do both at my parents house. This is our first Christmas being married so I don't know what we are doing for our gifts yet....guess I should be figuring that out soon huh?!:shame:
same here, we let the children choose one present from under the tree, on christmas eve, and then we open our stockings on christmas morning, and our santa gifts after breakfast :smile:
We used to but now since my son knows the whole Santa Claus comes on x-mas eve to bring gifts we won't be opening till x-mas morning. He's 3 so he's really looking forward to it this year.
We open it on the boxing day

Well, hel-lo fellow Canadian.:graucho:

I have often wondered, for those people who were brought up to believe in Santa Clause (I wasn't) how do you balance the opening of Christmas presents on Christmas EVE, with the whole Santa-thing. I mean, he's supposed to come at NIGHT, while you're sleeping...

We open on Christmas morning. I love the whole jammies, bedhead and presents thing!!!