Do you only wear B Bags?


Are you loyal to B Bags?

  1. Heck yes, I would never cheat on my B Bags!!

  2. Heck no, life is too short to be loyal to my B Bags!!

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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked before but I hope you don't mind taking my poll. I'm curious to see if you wear only B Bags or do you wear other designers as well? I've been finding that I only want to wear my B Bags!!

    What about you?
  2. I only own Bbags! I love them WAY TOO MUCH!:p
  3. There's too many other gorgeous bags to just stick to one brand!!! Besides, I love my LV too much!
  4. I have many designers but since I started carrying BBags I rarely use the others.

    When I DO carry another designer I wish it was a BBag because I love the leathers of BBags so much.
  5. Well, bbags are definitely my favourites - between the yummy leather and the colours I'm pretty addicted - but I do also have an LV speedy, and there are other LV bags on my mental wishlist.
  6. When I get the collection, they will be the only stars. I'm at the beginning of the Bbag adventure, and I'm looking forward to a life-long love affair.....
  7. I carry LV, Balenciaga, Gucci Chanel and BV too!
  8. I carry my BV about half as often as I carry my Balenciaga bags. Love the bbag colors! Both have wonderful leather and are understated.
  9. I have other brands but I carry bbags majority of my time
  10. As with others, I have other brands, but use my Bbags almost ALL the time...
  11. Yeah, I enjoy the colours, that makes them not boring. I also love how they are understated. I hate logos on things, so that rules out a great deal of designer purses for me and the one I can think of with no logos (BV), just doesn't appeal to me.

    I wish you well,

  12. I only have bbags at the mo, I have been through Gucci, dior, LV and Chanel and have now rested with bbags. I always found it easy to part with my other bags but not these!!!
  13. I carry Chanel, LV, and Chloe too!
  14. I love so many that it'd be hard for me to stick to just Bbags though I am crazy about them!
  15. Used to love LV (sold all 13) and Chloe....still own one Chloe Hobo with TDF leather but the weight and lock is too cumbersome for me after carrying BBags, so it's going soon too. BBags are just so fun and understated. I can't imagine carrying anything else right now. :girlsigh: