Do you only buy LV?

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  1. So it's come down to the wire for me to sell my Chanel GST and I was curious to know if you LV lovers only buy LV or do you also buy other brands for handbags and SLG's? I just feel like every other brand I've ever bought doesn't make my heart sing like LV does. Am I making a mistake by selling my GST to fund my Speedy Empreinte? Has anyone ever been in the same situation?
  2. I buy LV and Chanel now, but I am open to other brands if I see something I like. I have a Burgundy GST XL that I sometimes use. My only complaint is the chain strap, but otherwise I like my bag. If you are not going to use your GST that much, then maybe you should get a bag that you will enjoy and use more. Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. I used to but I've sold other brands. I can't seem to buy any other brands that cost a few hundred, I'd rather save a few hundred more and get an LV. They also don't wear as well I find. I did just buy my first Chanel, which I love! I'm more picky with those bc I could buy almost 4 lv bags for the price of 1 chanel. Hth
  4. I like Vuitton and Burberry. I really haven't been able to spurge on Chanel. I also buy Coach to use more often (like for daily use going to work).
  5. I love the Speedy Empreinte. I actually sold my Chanel WOC to fund for one. I think the Speedy is such a practical bag with all the options you could wear it. I don't think you are making a mistake. Just go for what you like. :smile:
  6. I like what I like
    yes, I do have more lv's overall but that doesn't mean
    that if I see something I like premium brand or cheaper
    I won't get them :smile:
  7. Thank goodness for the resale market because I usually end up selling my non-LV items within 6 months to a year. Gucci, Burberry, Coach, MK, eventually I'm like, meh, I'd rather use that $ towards LV.

    I might keep my Gucci belt though, they are more understated than LV. My mom thought it was Guess! :faint:
  8. Depends on the class of item - for travel items yes.

    But I'm a shoe lover! I only have 6 pairs of LV shoes. I'd be poor and divorced if I only bought LV shoes. Plus I think most other high end shoes are better made. My LVs are pretty but they are not everyday shoes.

    And I adore my chanel bags, shoes and accessories. I have one pair of LV sunnies but I prefer my Chanel and Gucci sunnies.

    I would buy anything my heart desired.
  9. Since getting into LV last May I've only had my eye on other LVs. I considered a Chanel WOC but the desire faded and I bought an LV. Hopefully I can get out of my box this summer for my Birthday Gift. Hoping my bag will be orange instead of brown. *fingers crossed* ...if not another brown bag ain't half bad. ;)
  10. I buy Chanel and LV, I would only sell Chanel to buy more Chanel, gld
  11. i only buy LV and Prada for rite now but that can change in the future for some reason i was never a fan of chanel
  12. Yes, only LV for me.
  13. I only buy 3 brands LV Chanel and Louboutin.. I'm VERY picky!!!!!
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    I buy LV but I sold some of them because I dont use them and will buy something I will get use out if instead of babying them but if I see anything cute/gorgeous of any other brand that is cheap I will buy it for sure. I just can't stick to one brand but that's just me.
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    I've sold and given away all my Coach except for one bag, just haven't gotten around to selling it. My collection is all LV right now but I am open to other brands. I like to know a little about the bags in a brand before making a purchase. I honestly don't know enough about the other brands that I like to buy one. Until I take the time to do a little homework, I'll be sticking with my LV. I'm also happier/comfortable with the size of my collection right now. I've bought a few small items (will reveal soon) but I'm not looking to add anymore bags anytime soon.

    Other brands that I'd like to know a little more about and possibly buy: Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel and Marc Jacobs