Do you, on a regular basis, eat until you're 'stuffed'?

  1. Yep, but I'm trying not to do that anymore since I want to lose weight.
  2. No, never. I hate that feeling. Not that I don't want to once in a while, but I won't let myself.
  3. sometimes but I try not too, I hate the feeling.
  4. I count my points according to Weight Watchers during the week which rarely allow me to be stuffed. Then I cheat some on the weekends and do sometimes end up stuffed.
  5. Definitely not on a regular basis but I have been known sometimes, to shovel in alot more than I should have.:sneaky:
  6. I did today, but it's because I couldn't resist Pinkberry after dinner.

    I normally don't, I use to do it often before but not so much recently. I've noticed a decrease in weight from not overeating as often.
  7. Once in a great while I do, especially on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes at buffets.
    I usually don't because I hate that stuffed bloated feeling. It's so uncomfortable to me.
  8. Buffets are the only time it usually happens--
  9. Usually even just a regular meal makes me "stuffed". :shrugs:
  10. No, I can't stand the feeling. I eat until I feel myself getting full, wait 1/2 hour for everything to digest and by then i'm usually comfortable.
  11. I have before (because the food was just SOOOO good) but then there's the "hangover"........and it sucks spending the entire night next to a bathtub waiting for your gag reflexes to kick in because you feel like you're about to puke any second.

    So basically, I eat slowly and when I feel myself starting to become full I drink a glass of water and stop eating. Works everytime!
  12. only when i'm snacking in place of proper meals and, when i'm get a sweet tooth after a proper meal :sweatdrop:. i know i should not eat to 100% full. i read somewhere it's healthy to be 70-80% full after meal especially when we are trying to cut down appetite/ lose weight.
  13. ugggh that's such a terrible feeling, lol

    Everyone says that most people do it at holidays, but I'm so worked up then I eat way less! I think I tend to only eat a lot when I go to a fave restaurant; like getting multiple appetizers to share with SO/friends, entree, dessert, etc. SO and I love to get bunches of appetizers to try, then we barely eat our entrees and save room for the sweets after that :biggrin:
  14. Never, I use a small plate, with small portions. If I am out I usually eat half of what they give me, & doggie bag the rest for lunch the next day.
  15. No, but I had dinner once with an lovely family where all the family members ate each meal until they were comatose.

    Way before dessert was served, I slipped. I moaned to myself that I just couldn't eat everything that had been put on my plate.

    An elderly auntie whispered to me:
    "just eat slow and you can get it all in."