Do you offer returns?

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  1. Do you all offer returns on the bags you sell? I hate to offer returns because I don't want someone to get the bag and decide they just don't like the style and then want to return it.

    Are people less likely to buy bags if returns aren't accepted or do you think it matters?
  2. I offer returns ONLY if the item isn't as described. I eliminate that by taking a ton of pics and to describe any flaws. I also add security tags so that if I do happen to agree to take something back, I don't get a fake.
  3. I dont take returns but I do let buyers no I will not leave them high and dry if they are unhappy with there purchase to contact me if they have concerns instead of just leaving neg. Ive only had about 2 unhappy customers since I started selling, But offering both refund shipping settled the atter. Most people dont want to return just want you to care their unhappy.
  4. I don't accept returns, period. It's just not worth the hassle for me. If they hate it, they can re-sell it.
  5. i dont offer any returns or refunds of any kind. i have tons of pics to represent my items, and try to describe it as accurately as possible. i encourage the buyer to contact me with any questions of any kind before bidding. returns are just a huge hassle to deal with
  6. Honestly whether you offer returns or not it doesnt matter. If paypal decides for you that they can return. Theres not much you can do. :crybaby:
  7. I wouldnt accept returns either except if the item wasnt as described.

    Varied_obsessions- how do you add security tags? what do u mean by this?
  8. i put i dun accept return but it does not help once buyer file a claim with paypal...:cursing:
  9. I don't specify in my auctions and I have never had anyone ask to return anything but if they were reasonable, I would probably take it back less the shipping cost.
  10. I never do, but I also never sell anything unless it's in new or almost-new condition.
  11. I do not except them as stated in my auctions but have made exceptions.
  12. Seconded!:cursing:
  13. yeah me too...i encourage all potential buyers to ask questions before making a bid...i fully describe the items i sell..if there are nicks or scratches i post images of them so the buyer is made aware of it. i havent experienced a return so far...
  14. I certainly don't advertise that I do!!! I feel when you put that clause in your ads, people tend to be more flippant and under the impression that it's not a true sale. They have the oppurtunity to send it back no matter what, and that is not cool with me. I take illustrate every flaw and am very honest, there should be no surprises. However, I have been in a few situations where I purchased something that just was not what I thought it was. Therefore, I will refund if someone truly isn't happy. I couldn't live with that guilt....karma.
  15. I state in my auctions I will only accept a return for authenticity, never an issue cause I only sell authentic. I don't want buyer's remorse returns as you mentioned.